Urban Meyer’s Mystery Date Stuck At Home After Backlash, Her Mother Says

The mother of the woman videotaped dancing with Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer last weekend says her daughter is receiving backlash over the video.

“(My daughter) can’t even go anywhere,” the mother said. “It’s ruining her life is what it’s doing. I’m worried for her emotional status right now.”

The 24-year-old woman from the video apparently works for a media group that has partnered with Urban Chophouse (Meyer’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio) in the past. New Horizon Media Group, her employer, said it is conducting an internal investigation into the incident.

“We’ve had no prior issues with her whatsoever,” the company’s attorney Brian Duncan said. “She’s been a very solid asset to the company. We’re going to undertake our internal investigation to determine what, if any, impact this has on the company and we’ll proceed accordingly.” 

Duncan did not insinuate that that the woman ever had a prior relationship with Meyer, had any contact with him whatsoever before, or that her job was being threatened.

According to Meyer, himself, a group of customers wanted a picture with him, which he obliged, and then they wanted him to stay and dance.

“There was a big group next to the restaurant,” Meyer said during his Monday press conference. “They wanted me to come over and take pictures, and I did. (They) tried to pull me out on the dance floor, screwing around, but I should’ve left.”

Meyer was filmed grabbing two scoops of booty that would have made Baskin-Robbins proud, so who knows how much of his ‘wrong place wrong time’ story is true. His wife has since left social media because of the incident, and some of sports media has called for his resignation. Meyer’s boss, Jaguars owner Shad Khan, said Meyer will have to “regain our trust and respect” after the “inexcusable” conduct.

As for the mystery woman, her mother hopes she still has a job after the dust settles.

“I just pray that [her company] doesn’t fire my daughter because she needs this job,” the mother said. “She just bought a house.”

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Written by TK Sanders


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  1. I don’t feel bad for her a bit. I am sure that this is not the first time that she has used her sexuality to keep one of New Horizons partners happy. She knows everything that she needs to know about being a successful female promoter at 24.

  2. Explain this to me. A twenty-four year old woman who grew up with phones has a lap dace with “the Coach” AKA boss and we are suppose to believe that she had no idea that someone would film it?

    Please!!!!! She knew exactly what she was doing.

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