Urban Meyer Apologizes For Letting Blond Grind On Him At Bar

Urban Meyer has formally issued an apology for blowing off steam at a bar over the weekend where he was recorded seemingly enjoying a grind session with a blond. Urban told Jacksonville media Monday that he was at an event and the blond used her superpowers in an attempt to get him on the dance floor.

According to Jacksonville columnist Eugene Frenette, Meyer takes full responsibility for allowing the blond to do her thing. “It was stupid. I should have left,” Meyer said Monday. The Jags rookie head coach says he has apologized to his players and family for being a distraction.

Meyer then added, “a coach shouldn’t be a distraction” and noted he’s concerned that the blond grinding on him will be a distraction to the team moving forward. “I just got to do right,” he told reporters.

I’m not an expert on apologizing as a head coach, but just think of how this whole thing played out in the locker room amongst men who have seen and done all sorts of craziness.

Urbs walks in after a couple of days off, tells the team he needs to apologize and then adds that a blond was grinding on him and how she was holding him hostage. Imagine the hush in the room. Jaws on the floor. 20-something-year-old men just blown away by what they’re hearing.

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Their head coach was literally a hostage on an off-night! This is the kind of stuff that teams can rally around. The coach just went through an incredibly difficult situation and now they have just that much more drive to win one for the coach who has been through so much.

Watch the Jags go on a four-game winning streak to get right back into the AFC South mix. The blue checkmarks think this situation is horrible for Urban Meyer. Nonsense! The guy just created a rallying cry for this organization.

Win one for Urbs. The guy was a hostage! Don’t believe me? This blond might as well work for the Taliban.

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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. These women know EXACTLY what they’re doing, so you better keep both hands on your wallet. He should know better at his age. You’re paddling around in shark infested waters there Urban. Run! Those girls were thinking $$$.

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