Unvaccinated New Yorkers Call For Same Rights As Athletes

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New York City has finally lifted its COVID restriction on unvaccinated athletes, yet, the commoner remains under the thumb of lasting regulations that kept their jobs and livelihood in peril.

A New York Post report tackled the uneven realities beset on workers from New York venues and the athletes that are now permitted to play. While the sports world celebrates the restored liberties for unvaxxed players, Americans in blue cities still worry over the indefinite restrictions on unvaccinated workers.

“I’m not as important as a Met is, because a Met will fill Citi Field, which fills the coffers of New York,” said Elissa Embree, a 43-year-old waitress at Citi Field who was relieved from her job’s training over her unvaccinated status.

Embree chose to forego vaccination due to prior miscarriages.

With New York City Mayor Eric Adams only allowing unvaccinated athletes to return to normalcy, Embree and other unvaccinated New Yorkers are growing increasingly concerned over surviving in the city without few jobs willing to allow unvaccinated employees.

“They don’t care about little ol’ me, who pays middle-class taxes,” Embree added. “The elusive ‘they’ don’t care that I have been out of work and that I have been at my breaking point.”

OutKick founder Clay Travis called out New York’s COVID discrepancies on Thursday’s OutKick the Show.

Clay broke down how the inconsistent restrictions are still taking a toll on Americans’ lives.


“NYC has ended this absurdity for unvaccinated athletes and entertainers. That mandate needs to be eliminated for everybody and everyone who got fired over it needs to be rehired and receive back pay,” said Clay.

Though the first-year mayor was adamant about ending previous mayor Bill de Blasio’s Key2NYC program, which prohibited unvaccinated patrons from entering an indoor business, the lingering indecision with lifting all restrictions keeps Adams on the hot-seat of accountability.

“I thought we were all a big team here at Citi Field. This would have been my fifth season,” added Embree.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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