University Of Wyoming Sorority Forced to Admit 6-Foot-2 Transgender Person, District Court Rules

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A sorority at the University of Wyoming has been forced to accommodate a 6-foot-2 trans-identified male named Artemis Langford.

Six female members of the sorority filed a lawsuit against the inclusion of Langford earlier this year. The women expressed discomfort with having to share a room with him. They explained during testimony that Langford had watched them undress with erection.

But District Court Judge Alan Johnson didn’t care. He dismissed the case of Westenbroek v. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity on August 25.

According to Reduxx, the judge argued against a KKG bylaw that states “each member shall be a woman.” He claims the bylaw did not define the term “woman” to explain what it means.

In his decision, he wrote: “The University of Wyoming chapter voted to admit — and, more broadly, a sorority of hundreds of thousands approved — Langford. With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the Court will not define ‘woman’ today. The delegate of a private, voluntary organization interpreted ‘woman’, otherwise undefined in the non-profit’s bylaws, expansively; this Judge may not invade Kappa Kappa Gamma’s freedom of expressive association and inject the circumscribed definition Plaintiffs urge.”

Johnson doesn’t think whether one has an erection or not — as Langford allegedly did when he watched his sorority sisters undress — defines if they are male or female.

Allowing a 6-foot-2 transgender into a sorority further demonstrates how women have lost their rights to exclusivity.

The trans movement has cost females their locker rooms, privacy, sororities, and even prisons.

Per the complaint, Langford “repeatedly questioned the women about what vaginas look like, breast cup size, whether women were considering breast reductions and birth control.”

To him, gender is a game. Cosplay, if you will.

Judge Alan Johnson has directly threatened the safety of the women on a technicality.

Males and females were separated between fraternities vs. sororities for a reason. No one previously argued against the reason for doing so. It was basic logic to separate the two genders.

Unfortunately, transgenderism asks us to dismiss logic for the greater good of the sexually confused.

If leadership were to erase the meaning of gender, this is how it’d begin. And thus, per my column, It’s Time To Come Out Of The Closet Against Trans Ideology.

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