University Of Texas Erasing Women By Using “Wimmin” To Avoid The “Men”

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Radical activist efforts to erase women may have reached a new low point.

The University of Texas has apparently been working hard to burnish its woke credentials. Journalist Christopher Rufo uncovered the school’s efforts to remove “women” from its language guide.

Why would they do this? Because the word “women” ends in “men,” of course.

According to the school, that means some feminists prefer to use a different term entirely. What term?


You’re reading that correctly. Wimmin. This is what elite universities are focusing their efforts on these days.

UT Austin’s Financial and Administrative Services Department posted a “Language Matters: Glossary of Terms” as part of their “Diversity Commitment” program.

That glossary defined important words such as “graysexual,” “stud,” and, of course, “wimmin.”

Rufo noticed the page and the definition, which is said to be a “nonstandard spelling of the word ‘women’ used by feminists to avoid the word ending ‘-men.’”

Fox News noticed that it wasn’t the only absurd redefinition of women from the university.

“The glossary has several other terms describing women like ‘womxn’ and ‘womyn.’ Womxn is defined as a way to get away from “patriarchal language” which is also inclusive for trans women and non-binary people. Womyn is defined similar to wimmin.”


University of Texas wants to avoid women
UT Tower Campus Courtyard Nice Morning Sunshine on the University of Texas at Austin with the UT Clock Tower in the background standing tall on a nice clear Sunny Blue Sky morning. (Getty Images)

Women Being Redefined At Top Universities

After Rufo noticed the university’s ridiculous redefinition of language, they promptly removed the glossary entirely.


The entire incident highlights the dangerous obsession colleges have with the absurdities of woke ideology.

Elite institutions are committed to unquestioningly accepting any and all demands from progressive activists.

From allowing transgender athletes to compete against females to promoting “wimmin” or “womxn,” ground zero for the assault on women is major universities.

When caught, they delete and obfuscate, realizing how incomprehensible their activism has become.

While claiming to be the party of women, Democrats are working incredibly hard to ensure that they’re replaced. Whether it’s by “wimmin,” “wimxn,” “wimyn,” or Dylan Mulvaney.

Written by Ian Miller

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