University Of Notre Dame President Tests Positive, Was At SCOTUS Announcement

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University of Notre Dame President Father John Jenkins has tested positive for COVID-19, according to the school. Jack Jenkins, a reporter for Religion News Service (no relation), tweeted Friday that Father Jenkins was at the Supreme Court nominee announcement at the White House last Saturday and that he had been criticized “for not wearing a mask and shaking hands.”

Footage from the event shows Father Jenkins shaking hands and making his way through the crowd gathered for the Amy Coney Barrett nomination. Utah Senator Mike Lee, who was also at the event, has tested positive as well.

“During self-quarantine this week, University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC, learned that a colleague with whom he has been in regular contact tested positive for COVID-19 too. As a result, he is entering an extended period of isolation as indicated by University medical personnel and county health officials. ‘My symptoms are mild and I will continue to work from home,’ Fr. Jenkins said. ‘The positive test is a good reminder for me and perhaps for all of how vigilant we need to be.'”

Acting Liberty University President Jerry Prevo, who was sitting behind Father Jenkins at the event, has tested negative.

People at the SCOTUS announcement who have tested COVID positive:

• President Trump

• Melania Trump

• Senator Mike Lee

• Hope Hicks

• Father Jenkins

• Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chair

Are the odds in favor of each of these people recovering without issues? Yes, we’ve covered this before. But, as Clay said in today’s Mailbag, this isn’t great for Trump. Joe Biden is now basing his campaign on COVID and the argument that Trump has mismanaged the virus.

That is Father Jenkins sitting in the third row at the SCOTUS announcement:

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