University of New Mexico Now Wonders Who ‘Violated The Law’ After Violent Protestors Threaten Tomi Lahren In Front Of Campus Police

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The left’s war on freedom of speech has only gotten worse in the past few years, as censorship has become a central part of their platform. There’s no better example of this than OutKick’s Tomi Lahren being threatened at the University of New Mexico by violent protesting children who refuse to engage with any ideas they disagree with.

Inexcusably, Lahren had to be escorted out of a discussion at the university by police:

Now, Fox News has learned that the University is conducting an ongoing investigation to uncover who “violated the law” at the event.

Lahren praised the police response.

“I would not have gotten out of there last night if it wasn’t for New Mexico State Police and Albuquerque P.D. I would not have gotten out of there, so I owe them a lot,” Lahren said.

While protests against conservative speakers isn’t an uncommon incident, Lahren had been told that the protestors would not be allowed into the student union.

“We were told that they were going to be out in the courtyard, not allowed into the student union, these counter-protesters or whatever they were. We were told that they’re going to be kept outside,” she said.

But unsurprisingly, the anti-free speech left doesn’t stop at just protesting, their righteous anger at people with different opinions led where it so often leads, to violence, as Lahren detailed: 

“…They started pushing past the officers and banging on the doors so much that these double doors are visibly moving and shaking and they are smashing into the windows. And that’s when it became incredibly chaotic. Everybody was worried that they were going to get inside. They were pushing officers in front of the doors and pushing them out of the way. I mean, attacking them. It started to get very ugly and very violent, very fast.”

Tomi Lahren on the University of New Mexico protestors

Naturally, the left bragged about endangering the safety of someone they disagreed with with some accounts offering “safety tips” for those protesting the event and blaming the school for allowing her to speak.

For their part, the school claims that the students who disrupted the speech will be “held accountable.”

“The University of New Mexico is committed to the principles of free speech and values its role as a public square for debate, a marketplace of ideas, and a place to test and challenge competing viewpoints and opinions,” University of New Mexico spokesperson Cinnamon Blair told Fox News Digital. 

“In this context, allowing speakers invited by a student organization on campus in no way implies an endorsement of the content of their speeches or their opinions. And those who disagree with the ideas expressed are encouraged to respectfully voice their perspectives.”

“The safety of our campus community and visitors is our first priority. We are deeply disappointed in the actions of those individuals who intentionally chose to disrupt a scheduled speaker and infringed upon the rights of the speaker and those who attended the event to listen and engage, vandalized University property and unlawfully pulled a fire alarm,” she continued.

“UNM is investigating these incidents and will hold anyone who violated the law or University policies accountable. Additionally, several UNM departments will be meeting to discuss improving the environment in which a speaker’s right to conduct their scheduled programming is ensured along with the public’s right to free speech, especially when our facilities are in use for multiple events at the same time.”

Tomi Lahren was forced off the University of New Mexico campus by violent protestors who sought to censor her thoughts.
Tomi Lahren was forced off the University of New Mexico campus by violent protestors who sought to censor her thoughts. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

This is the only appropriate response, considering the unacceptable actions of the protestors who engaged in this atrocious behavior.

It’s also a direct consequence of the environment that colleges and political activist professors have created, where the left deems that there is only acceptable opinion, and any who disagree should not be listened to or even allowed to speak.

By protecting the children who attend universities from any ideas that might offend their delicate sensibilities, they’ve justified these outrageous attacks.

Labeling anyone who disagrees a “white supremacist” or “fascist” is part of the current playbook, where attacks on freedom of speech escalate through delusional rhetoric.

Further incidents like this will continue until there are real consequences for inexcusable actions like this. Hopefully the University follows through on their supposed commitment to free speech and holding those involved accountable.

Written by Ian Miller

Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC


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  1. The earlier report of this went into more detail of how “The University” ignored numerous warnings that there would be violent protests and would NOT schedule extra security. The local police and NM State patrol that Tomi praises were called in AFTER the violence was well underway.
    The University was obviously intimidated by the protestors and tried the “ostrich technique”. SHAME on the cowardly administrators.

  2. UNM won’t do anything. They will just use stall tactics until it goes away.
    Someday these idiots are going to breach a door and the people inside are not going to back down. We will find out what they are made of then. Someday.

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