Kentucky’s Marching Band ‘Boning’ The Porta Potties Is The Funniest Pregame Tradition In College Football

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The University of Kentucky Wildcat Marching Band played its first notes by at least 1893. It has been wreaking havoc on game day ever since.

University of Kentucky Marching Band Trombone Boning Porta Potties
(Photo by John Byrum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There are a lot of cool traditions in college football. From USC’s coliseum torch and live horse, to Texas A&M’s midnight yell, to South Carolina’s Sandstorm, every school does it differently.

As someone who lives and breathes college football, I am fairly acquainted with most rituals across the country, but there was one for which I did not know existed and it’s the funniest in the sport:

The Wildcat Marching Band ‘boning the porta potties.

I don’t know how long this has been a thing, and I don’t know if it is a thing every week. However, I know that it took place at least once because there is visual evidence and I know it is my new favorite thing.

The trombone section (which you can follow HERE) for Kentucky’s band recently shared video from Saturday’s season-opener against Miami of Ohio. Prior to the game, they went rogue and it was everything that is great about sports.

As kickoff approached, the trombones went on a side mission. They made their way over to the porta john toilets, positioned themselves in a line down the row, and wailed their brass.

Imagine using the toilet when all of a sudden, a booming group of trombones start to play outside of your bathroom. It would cause me to jump out of my skin.

To be on the outside watching, however, is hilarious. Especially when someone walks out mid-song.

‘Boning’ The Porta Potties Is The Funniest Tradition In College Football. Take A Look:

(video courtesy: @wmb.trombones / Instagram)

Again, I don’t know how long this tradition has existed. Either way, a world in which the trombone section at the University of Kentucky consistently torment porta potty users on game day is one on which I want to live. Hilarious stuff. Great job, Wildcats.

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