Universal Orlando ‘Evaluating’ Canceling Dr. Seuss, The Racist, at Its Park

2021 is not going well for Dr. Seuss, who died in 1991.

Dr. Seuss — who is now a horrible racist — has been canceled by radical schools, far-Left learning organizations, President Joe Biden, and maybe even Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando says it is “evaluating” the future of its kids’ play area named after Dr. Seuss’ If I Ran the Zoo. For those keeping up, that is one of the six books that was pulled from publication for too much Orientalism, white supremacy, and anti-blackness.

If the area does get the boot, hopefully, it just gets a new name and theme created by Robin DiAngelo, author of the racist White Fragility book. Because it looks rather fun, no?

Even worse, Universal Orlando has a gift shop called the Mulberry Street Store, named after another one of Dr. Seuss’ formerly available books.

“Seuss Landing continues to be very popular with our guests and we value our relationship with Seuss Enterprises,” a Universal spokesperson said. That’s not good news, the stuff most enjoyed is usually the first to fall.

Man, I must say, I think this park is really in trouble now.

“We’ve removed the books from our shelves as they have asked and we’ll be evaluating our in-park experience too,” the company added. Ahh, I see.

As always, fun is out, outrage is in. Now, we wait to see what side Universal Orlando will take.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. I can’t imagine how miserable it must be for those who spend all their time looking for (and inventing) things to be “offended” by. Hey Universal… keep Seuss Landing. My family loved it, and I’m sure a lot of other families will too.

  2. What is so ridiculous about these movements is they always forget the great things these people achieved, they only focus on one picture from a book and other very small things. The Lorax teaches kids to respect and listen to nature, and other fine examples of what this man accomplished by telling children’s stories. We went last year and my daughter never once said, hey dad can I please see everything this author did his whole life, nope, she enjoyed the moment and was a kid, but I guess these people don’t want anyone to be happy. I know this doesn’t matter but we also saw many of children of color enjoying themselves in Seuss Landing.

    • You are 100% spot on. My kids (youngest one still does) all loved Dr. Seuss and Curious George for that matter. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Dr. Seuss books. Not one kid would ever think otherwise and any adult that does just wants 15 minutes on social media attention. Absolutely mind numbing how liberals think and act.

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