WATCH: Umpire Saves The Day When Young Baseball Player Gets Caught In ‘Dustnado’ During Scary Moment

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I have no idea what was going through the mind of this umpire during a 7-U baseball game, but thank goodness he was there. Thanks to a ‘Dustnado’ or more commonly known as a ‘Dust Devil’, one young catcher was in a bad spot. Things went from sketchy to downright terrifying during the youth game that took place in Florida.

The weather was relatively fine until the fourth inning and all chaos broke lose. As the batter was entering the box, all of the sudden what looks like a tornado touched down at home plate. Now, these are not technically tornados, but they sure look like them and certainly have the ability to cause major injury and damage.

During the course of the event, the young catcher looks confused as he’s standing around –clearly caught right in the middle of the sudden weather event and in shock — trying to see but can’t. While this is occurring, the umpire notices the kid is not moving, so he rushes in and grabs the youngster, pulling him to safety.

I’ve seen some crazy things in sports, whether it be lightning on the field or rain that’s powerful enough to stop a football mid-air. But I have never seen something like this, especially when it’s caught on camera.

Young baseball catcher stuck in 'Dustnado', Umpire saves the day
Young baseball catcher stuck in ‘Dustnado’, Umpire saves the day

As the catcher and umpire are in the thick of the swirling dust mini tornado the rest of the team and coaches are just standing around, most likely is amazement this is happening. It seemed to spring up in a matter of seconds.

Luckily for the young catcher, nobody seemed to be hurt in the incident, but that was a pretty scary few seconds. One of the positives for the kid is that now he can go to school and tell his buddies he stood in the middle of what looked like a tornado.

I imagine he’ll be showing this video off to his friends for the rest of his life.

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