Ump Ruins 33-Year-Old Drew Maggi’s Debut In The Majors With Pitch Clock Violation

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Pittsburgh Pirates’ Drew Maggi waited a long time for his first MLB at-bat. Perhaps too long.

Maggi made his highly-anticipated debut in the majors on Wednesday, putting on a jersey for the Pittsburgh Pirates after toughening it out in the minors for 13 years. He was waiting for this moment and PNC Park went wild for Maggi as he walked to the plate in the bottom of the eighth.

He played in the minors for 1,155 games before making it into the Pirates’ lineup.

Based on his incredible story of resilience, you’d think that Maggi was primed to go yard with the first pitch.

Sadly, he fell back to earth when the ump called him for a pitch clock violation as he failed to prepare for the pitcher in time.


As shared by OutKick’s Dan Zaksheske, Maggi was a career .254 hitter with over 200 stolen bases.

He appears to be good luck for the Pirates as Pittsburgh went on to defeat the Dodgers, 8-1.

The hometown crowd mercilessly booed umpire Jeff Nelson for ruining Maggi’s “Rudy” moment. He struck out in his at-bat but was easily the most fascinating moment of the evening.

Did the ump ruin Maggi’s miraculous moment?

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