UK Woman Now Has A ‘Shark Hand’ After Sepsis Infection Battle

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Let this serve as a cautionary tale about seeking help if you have any hint that you might be battling a kidney stone.

Talk about a conversation starter. UK woman Sadie Kemp, 34, was left with a hand that looked like a shark head after an ordeal where doctors went to war with sepsis caused by a kidney stone that ultimately led to doctors having to amputate her fingers.

“Doctors sewed Sadie’s hands into a pouch in her abdomen to ensure her blood kept flowing in her arms within the affected area,” according to The Mirror.

“When they were removed from her abdomen, her hands looked very different and many have since praised the way she’s dealt with the situation.”

Let’s get a good look at this shark hand.

U.K. woman Sadie Kemp now has a shark hand / TikTok

Now, nobody is picking on Sadie here. She’s trying to keep things light over her situation and this new shark hand that she will be living with.

“I wasn’t aware my hand was going to look like a shark’s head till it had actually been released from my abdomen,” she told The Mirror.

“I looked at it for the first time and I moved what was left of my thumb and I was just like wow it looks like a shark and started to do shark videos as I thought it was pretty funny. I did not expect the video to go viral”.

Oh yeah, that’s going to go viral. Let me tell you, as someone who has spent, like, 15 years doing this stuff, that shark hand is exactly the type of thing that’s going to make TikTok a fortune.

Sadie says she wants her situation to serve as a warning to others.

“If I can get the warning out there and get the treatment as quickly as possible. Hopefully, I am saving lives, saving limbs, saving relationships, and people keeping their independence,” she said.


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And in a follow-up video, Sadie says that she is now single and is ready to mingle. Shoot your shot, fellas.

“Since my hand has been unwrapped and it looks like a shark, I’ve all of a sudden become single. So, if there’s any nice men out there, who like the look of me and are into aquariums and sharks, please let me know,” Sadie joked.


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