UK Considering Allowing Employers To Only Hire Vaccinated Employees

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In a move that won’t surprise a lot of people, companies in the United Kingdom may begin hiring — and keeping — only those employees who have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Right now, it seems to be only speculation, but that speculation is based on how things currently operate in the UK.

“The plan is to vaccinate as many people as possible and for UK adults to be vaccinated before July 31,” wrote Lydia Smith of Yahoo News. “Those who have been vaccinated get a record card and the jab – like any other vaccine –≠≠ goes on their medical record.”

While being vaccinated isn’t mandatory in the UK, employers may soon begin making it that way, Smith added. And that idea came from justice secretary Robert Buckland.

But as long as companies can’t do this legally, it could be lawsuit city in the UK. And as of today, UK companies cannot require vaccinations for their employees.

“The first thing that employers should bear in mind is that getting a vaccine for COVID-19 has not been made compulsory by the government, and indeed there does not seem to be any plans for them to do this,” said Alan Price, employment law expert and CEO at HR software and employment law advice service, BrightHR. “As such, employers technically have no legal basis on which to try and enforce a policy like this, and if they want to do so, they will need to proceed carefully.”

Written by Sam Amico

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  1. I’m still amazed at the “reactionary” response to the vaccines. If I get the vaccine today, what do I get? What changes for me personally? What’s the incentive? It’s not like a polio or small pox vaccine. I’m still not immune to covid, I can’t stop wearing a mask, I still have to socially distance, I have to abide by every existing public restriction, I can’t visit a nursing home, I still have to undergo temperature checks, I still must provide negative tests to attend sporting events, I still can’t open up a restaurant 100%, and I’m not in a high risk category to begin with. What exactly is the incentive to get vaccinated if absolutely nothing changes? Right now the only reason I’ve heard to get vaccinated is because Bill Gates said so. “Don’t think, don’t ask questions, just shove this experiment in your body and trust you’ll be okay.” Have we lost our minds? Sorry if that’s insufficient for me or my family.

  2. Friggin population control freaks. It won’t surprise me if this vaccine actually does make women sterile or kills the elderly. Apparently we forgot we have an immune system anymore and big pharma wants to get its money somehow.

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