Congressman Says Government Is Covering Up The Truth About UFOs, Might Be In Possession Of Materials ‘Not Of This World’

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Congressman Tim Burchett believes the government is going out of its way to hide the truth about UFOs.

As OutKick readers know, UFO and UAP sightings are becoming more and more popular. It seems like every day we have a new sighting that lacks a solid explanation.

The government recently released a report on UFOs, and it was revealed that a lot of sightings can’t even be explained by the most powerful country on the planet.

Well, Burchett thinks a coverup spanning decades is being carried out.

Congressman makes interesting claims about UFOs.

“The reality is, as you’re seeing on the screen right now, that is something that is defying any of our capabilities at all. If you were a human and make the turns that have been seen in some of this footage, you would literally turn into a ketchup package. You’d be gone,” Burchett said during a recent interview on NewsNation.

He then made it clear he believes the situation has been covered by the authorities for decades.

Congressman Tim Burchett believes the government is covering up the truth about UFOs. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“It’s something else out of this world and, you know, we’ve been covering this thing up since the [1940s]. Since Roswell or before then I believe,” the Republican congressman from Tennessee further explained when talking about UFOs.

Most interestingly, Burchett also claimed he believes the government has “obtained some materials that are not of this world that are being studied by different members of industry I’ve been told.”

You can watch Congressman Burchett break down the situation below, and also explain how classification is causing problems.

What is up in the sky?

As we’ve covered many times, nobody seems to know what the hell is zipping around the sky. The government wants people to believe Chinese drones and possibly weather balloons might play a role.

That’s tough to believe. We’re supposed to believe foreign drones are flying around and we’re not blowing them out of the sky? That seems unrealistic. While I’m not sold on it being little green men (our own military tech seems reasonable), Burchett’s comments are fascinating.

Notice how he wasn’t worked up. He wasn’t screaming and putting on a show. This wasn’t a performance meant to generate ratings. The congressman simply stated his points and kept it moving. In his mind, there’s no doubt a coverup has been going on for roughly 80 years.

What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

It’s hard to disagree with Burchett’s stance that all the information should be released. What’s in the classified report we can’t see? There’s only two possible explanations. One, it’s highly-classified military tech. Two, it’s something the public wouldn’t handle well. The latter plays to the aliens theory.

Again, I’m not saying I believe it. I’m just laying out the evidence and arguments.

What do you think UFOs are? Let us know in the comments below. This subject is definitely not going away.

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Congressman Tim Burchett talks UFOs with two rifles in his background. (Credit: YouTube Video/

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