UFO Shuts Down Turkish Airport, Causes Flights To Be Suspended: REPORT

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A UFO reportedly caused several flights to be suspended at an airport in Turkey.

A passenger aircraft spotted a UFO on radar last Saturday over the Turkish city of Gaziantep, according to New Strait Times. The unknown object was later confirmed by air traffic control and at least 18 flights scheduled to leave from Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport were suspended for 12 hours.

The object is believed to have been roughly 9,000 feet in the air, according to the same report, and whatever it was doesn’t appear to have been determined.

It’s just the latest example of something going on in the sky that nobody seems able to explain.

What are UFOs? (Credit: Getty Images)

UFO causes Turkish airport to ground flights.

The smoke surrounding UFOs seems to only be intensifying with every passing day, and this situation is just another sign of truly strange stuff is going on.

Was it a drone? A spy plane? Aliens (not likely)? Or something else. Turkey is involved with hostilities with Kurds and there is a war over the border in Syria.

Is it possible this was military tech? Without a doubt but grounding flights for 12 hours over the sighting of an unknown object is no joke. That’s serious business.

What is up in the sky? Are UFO sightings aliens or is there a more reasonable explanation? (Credit: Getty Images)

This also comes just days after the footage from 2021 was released of a massive UFO over a military base in California.

My theory remains it was a B-21 before the public knew about it, but no matter what it was, it’s arguably the most stunning footage and photos related to UFOs the public has ever seen.

The object appeared unbelievably large and almost triangular in the videos and images shared by Jeremy Corbell.

Whatever is happening, it’s clear this topic isn’t going away. People are fascinated by the unknown, and currently, UFOs are at the top of the list.

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