The Government Believes UFOs Are Military Tech From This Rival Country

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UFO sightings might actually be drones from a foreign adversary.

UFO and UAP sightings have been becoming more and more popular over the past few years, and there are countless theories on what might be zipping around the sky.

The New York Times recently published a fascinating piece about a government report breaking down the situation, and it turns out China might be responsible for at least some of the UFO sightings.

The New York Times reported the following in part:

Some of the incidents have been formally attributed to Chinese surveillance — with relatively ordinary drone technology — and others are also thought to be connected to Beijing. China, which has stolen plans for advanced fighter planes, wants to learn more about how the United States trains its military pilots, according to American officials.

Much of the information about the unidentified phenomena remains classified. While Congress has been briefed on some of the conclusions about foreign surveillance, Pentagon officials have kept most of the work secret — in large measure because they do not want China or other countries to know that their efforts to spy on the American military were detected.

The report also indicated there’s no evidence to suggest UFOs are alien technology. That seems like that’d be hard to prove, but take it for what it’s worth.

Does the China/UFO theory make sense?

Now, do we believe that a significant amount of UFO sightings are Chinese drones? It’s definitely possible, but it also raises more questions.

If China is flying drones around unnamed military targets, why are we allowing it? Why would the United States ever let enemy drones anywhere near our airspace?

What are UFOs? Are UFO sightings just Chinese drones? (Credit: Getty Images)

It doesn’t specify where the Chinese drones might have been spotted, but it’s highly-unlikely they are flying over mainland America. That means it’s more likely Chinese drones were spotted on the coasts or near military sites out of the country.

If that’s the case, why didn’t we shoot them down? If any country flies anything near or over American military positions, we have every right to blow it out of the sky.

Will the public ever learn the truth about UFO sightings? The government believes UFOs might be Chinese drones. (Photo by plus49/Construction Photography/Avalon/Getty Images)

Not only do we have the right, but we have the duty. The American military can’t risk anything. If a Chinese drone is flying off the coast of San Diego, near Pearl Harbor or anywhere else where we have people or gear, shoot it out of the sky. Blow it away.

I will also note it’s very easy for the government to hide behind classifying this all to not tip its hand to China. That’s very convenient. It allows the government to hide behind the shield of national security.

Speculation swirls about UAP and UFO sightings? Is the truth being hidden from the public? (Credit: Getty Images)

There’s still a high chance a lot of this is our own tech, and we obviously just don’t want to admit it. Hiding behind the China excuse allows the government to have a shield while blaming something else. Just a little food for thought.

Written by David Hookstead

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