F-18 Pilot Had Chilling Encounter With Sinister UFO, Radar Malfunctioned: REPORT

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An F-18 pilot reportedly had a very unnerving experience with a UFO early in 2023.

The House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee will hold a Wednesday hearing on UFOs/UAPs, and millions of people are interested to see what information is shared.

The event is already trending hours before starting. There are too many unexplainable events to even count, and whistleblower David Grusch has alleged the government is concealing a retrieval program from the public. Grusch claims that not only is the government allegedly in possession of non-human crafts, but it might also have the bodies of dead pilots.

F-18 pilot allegedly encountered a UFO earlier in the year.

Now, a new account has surfaced about an F-18 pilot possibly encountering multiple UFOs that messed with the plane’s electronics.

“What we’re hearing is on February 21st of this year, an Air Force pilot had their radar and electronics malfunction at the very moment they had encountered a very large UAP that the person who gave us this information said was not a UAP you would want to encounter. Meaning it was frightening to the pilot. The radar also showed there were multiple UAPs in the vicinity. This is an extraordinary account,” investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger, one of the best UFO reporters in the world, claimed during an appearance on News Nation.

You can watch his full remarks below.

People are fascinated by UFO stories.

The UFO hearing Wednesday is going to be absolutely captivating. There’s already been some drama before it gets started.

Congressman Tim Burchett, a vocal advocate for the public getting the truth, revealed he wouldn’t chair the hearing, despite early claims he would.

Now, there’s a claim circulating a UFO messed with an F-18 pilot’s radar and electronics when contact was made.

That’s absolutely terrifying. The fact there reportedly were also multiple UFOs/UAPs in the vicinity only makes the situation even more unnerving.

Jamming radar is an act of war.

Seriously, what the hell is going on up in the sky? If UFOs are taking fighter jets’ electronics offline, jamming radar and messing with planes, then we have a serious situation on our hands.

Jamming radar is an act of war. If the UFO that was spotted in this case was an object from a foreign country, then it committed an act of war.

That by itself is insane. Would any nation in the world be dumb enough to mess with American planes? The truth is no nation is probably that stupid.

So what did this F-18 pilot encounter? That’s a question all Americans should want an answer to. Unfortunately, there is no good answer if it was capable of messing with an F-18.

UFO allegedly messed with an F-18. (Photo by Travis Alston/U.S. Navy via Getty Images)

We’ll see if an answer is revealed during today’s briefing. If not, the mystery will only grow.

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