UFO Expert Claims Crashed Craft Had A Building Put Over It Because It Was Too Big To Move

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Author Ross Coulthart made an absolutely shocking claim about a UFO hidden in public.

Coulhart is established journalist in Australia, and wrote the book “In Plain Sight” about UFOs. He’s not some random guy running around the internet. That’s what makes his recent claim so unbelievably shocking:

There’s a crashed UFO spaceship so big that it couldn’t be moved and a structure had to be built over it.

Is a crashed UFO being hidden in public?

“What if some of that sh*t is so big it can’t be moved,” Coulthart asked in a video on the Project Unity YouTube channel when talking about UFO revelations.

When pushed for details, Coulthart appeared to imply that a spacecraft to large to be moved had a building put over it.

“So big they had a building put over it in a country outside of the United States of America. I know that sounds preposterous and you can just hear them now, the bleeding debunkers. Let’s see this investigated. Let’s just see what happens. Let’s test these allegations before the Congress,” he further explained.

“Some of these objects are not capable of being moved because they’re too bloody big…I know exactly where it is,” the author claimed when talking about the object that is apparently hidden in plain sight.

Treat this claim with extreme skepticism.

As mentioned above, Ross Coulthart has a storied career as a journalist and author. The man is not your average Reddit user.

Not at all. However, there should still be some red flags about this claim. There’s one that sticks out the most, and must be addressed.

Coulthart claims he knows exactly where this UFO is hidden, but then doesn’t elaborate. Ross Coulthart claims to know the specific location of a UFO under a building.

Unidentified flying object (UFO), illustration.

This is the biggest news story in the world if true. Yet, he doesn’t offer specific details other than to say it’s outside of the United States.

If you’re going to clim to know the location of a downed spacecraft, you have to say where it is. Otherwise, you’re just teasing people with information that doesn’t offer any specifics.

For that reason, this claim should be treated with extreme skepticism. If I knew the location of a UFO craft, you’d be seeing me live tweeting my attempt to make contact. Instead, Ross Coulthart teases he knows where it is, but then doesn’t say.

Illustration of two UFOs flying in fog with light below.

Interesting decision. There are a lot of fascinating UFO claims out there. However, you shouldn’t believe any of them on face value. Demand proof and specifics. Right now, we simply don’t have any for Coulthart’s story. For that reason, I suggest we approach it with skepticism.

Written by David Hookstead

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