Government Says There’s No Proof Shot Down UFOs Were Chinese

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The mystery surrounding multiple UFO shoot downs has gotten a bit deeper.

Since late last week, the United States government has destroyed three unknown objects. One over Alaska, one over Canada, and another over Lake Huron.

The Lake Huron, the last one to happen, occurred Sunday and required multiple missiles after the first one missed. Other than the original Chinese spy balloon, the origins haven’t been determined.

Most people – myself included to a degree – reasonably believed China was responsible for the last three objects. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

Government doesn’t believe the last three UFOs shot down were Chinese.

Despite a lot of people believing China was the responsible party, there’s no proof of that at the moment, according to a Tuesday announcement from NSC spokesman John Kirby.

So, what could be the origin of the objects? Kirby claimed it’s possible the objects are nothing more than research or commercial balloons, according to the New York Times.

To put it as simply as possible. The government simply doesn’t appear to have a clue at the moment, but seemingly ruling out China is a huge development.

What does this all mean?

If China’s not responsible, that’s a curveball people didn’t expect. In fact, if you polled people paying attention, it’s very likely China would have been right at the top of the list of most responsible parties.

The fact it’s likely not the CCP only raises more questions. If these are commercial or research balloons, how the hell did an F-16 miss on the pilot’s first shot?

The UFO over Alaska also reportedly messed with the F-22’s sensors, according to Insider. So, commercial or research balloons now carry the tech to disrupt the most advanced fighter jet ever invented? If that’s true, it’s a terrible look for America. It’s either that or whatever is up in the air is a hell of a lot more advanced than people realize.

Whatever is happening up there, it looks like things will only get stranger before answers are revealed. What a crazy time to be alive. It definitely feels like we’re living through history.

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