UFC’s Jessica-Rose Clark Apologizes For Wrecking Opponent’s Face Before Her Wedding

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Imagine the position UFC bantamweight Jessica-Rose Clark was in Saturday night after being told she wrecked her opponent’s face just three weeks before Sarah Alpar’s wedding. Clark was already bummed for smashing Sarah’s face during their fight and then she was hit with the upcoming wedding.

“I could see [the damage] on her face,” Clark said after the fight. “I apologized to her team after the fight because it shouldn’t have kept going. There was one point where I was trying to submit her because I was like, ‘F–k, I don’t want to keep hurting her.

“I was going for the head and arm choke but she wasn’t giving it up,” Clark said. “She didn’t give up an inch, not for one second. I wanted to submit her because I didn’t want to keep hurting her as bad as I was. She didn’t want that to happen so, f–k it, I’m going to keep throwing elbows.”

Clark, now 10-6, was then told about the nuptials. “F–k dude, why did you just say that!”

Alpar (9-4) didn’t hold any grudges against Clark over the stomping. In fact, she thanked Clark for taking the fight.

“I just want to let everyone know I’m doing fine and my nose is slightly broken,” Alpar wrote on Instagram. “I’m disappointed in my performance, and a little sad, but I know I will come back stronger. I got my butt kicked but I know what I need to do now. This is a whole new level and I will be ready for what’s to come for the next one. Thank you everyone for all their concerns, thoughts, prayers, and encouragement.

“I love you all and this isn’t the end! Thank you @missjessyjess for taking this fight with me and congrats on your win tonight. You will always be someone I look up to and hope this is one of many wins for you.”

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. It was nice to see how graceful how both of these responded to the outcome. Yes, it’s nice to have rivalries and the bad blood taken to the cage, but when the fight is over, it’s nice to see fighters show respect for one another.

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