UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer Is ‘Tickled Pink’ In Latest OnlyFans Teaser

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It’s not all fun and games being one of the most recognizable Octagon Girls in the UFC. Sure there are plenty of vacations to be had, but there’s also work to be done. An Octagon Girl has to make a living after all.

Just ask Brittney Palmer, who along with Arianny Celeste, are the two biggest ring girls in all of combat sports. In addition to jumping from UFC event to UFC event there are brand deals to be made, and in the year 2023, OnlyFans cash out there for the taking.

UFC Octagon Girl Brittney Palmer OnlyFans
UFC Octagon Girls Vanessa Hanson, Brittney Palmer, and Chrissy Blair at UFC 287 (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

Snagging brand deals and money for exclusive content is made easier with a large audience. But that takes work, a lot of it. It’s not swinging a hammer for a living hard, but at a certain level everything becomes potential content.

The phone comes out for everything from working out at the gym to hitting the beach with friends. There isn’t a holiday that is missed or a vacation that doesn’t require some sort of content.

Brittney’s been in the game for a while now and has it all down. She’s even taken a page from the fighters playbook she watches on a regular basis. You have to soften up your opponent before landing a knockout blow.

Her Instagram feed has is a constant flow of body shot, body shot, then big power shot to the head. Those power shots aren’t just for show they have purpose and intent behind them.

On Friday, Brittney landed one of those power punches square on the chin with a “tickled pink” OnlyFans teaser.

The UFC’s Octagon Girls Aren’t Going Anywhere

There’s no reason for any of Brittney’s fans to worry that her success outside of the UFC will have her leave her role as an Octagon Girl. That’s not going to happen.

She’s said on more than one occasion that she’ll be there as long as the UFC will have her. Parting ways with Octagon Girls isn’t going to happen on Dana White’s watch.

“Our Octagon Girls, they’re as much a part of the UFC brand as anyone, they’re ambassadors for our sport,” he told The Daily Telegraph in response to calls for the UFC to drop them.

“So for someone who has absolutely no education whatsoever about who these girls are – about what they do, what they mean to the UFC – to start going off, it’s ridiculous.

“So you can look at any sport you like, nobody treats women better than we do. And I’d suggest these people calling on them to be banned go have a look at what these girls do with the company, the type of money they’re making.

“Do that and you’ll realize these girls are as important to our brand as anyone else in the company. And that’s exactly the way we treat them.”

Dana’s a guy you want to have in your corner. The Octagon Girls have that and he’s not going to step all over their ability to make money.

Written by Sean Joseph

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