UCLA Proposes Terrible Idea To Save Money In The Big Ten

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UCLA might have come up with the dumbest idea imaginable to save some money in the Big Ten.

The Bruins and the USC Trojans are both leaving the PAC-12 for the Big Ten starting in 2024, and in a document outlining costs and other issues ahead of a board of regents meeting, UCLA floated the idea of sharing flights with the programs bitter rival to save money.

Yes, UCLA’s grand plan to save some money is to split rides with USC. The document states the following:

Travel improvements – $4,620,000 to 5,790,000
UCLA intends to mitigate the travel impact on student-athletes by increasing access to charter
flights and minimizing the number of days spent away from campus. After conducting a detailed
cost estimate of charter flights to Big Ten schools, calculating the number of additional charter
flights needed for each team and days spent away from campus, UCLA estimates that it will
spend between $4.62 and $5.79 million per year on increased travel expenses. These costs may
be significantly reduced through efficiencies such as neutral site tournaments, shared flights
between UCLA teams and USC teams, and other accommodations that can further reduce travel
and travel costs to the Midwest and East Coast.

This is a horrific idea for UCLA and USC.

Of all the bad ideas that could have been put in writing, this one is right near the top of the list. UCLA and USC hate each other.

It’s one of the most bitter rivalries in all of sports. The fans don’t like each other, the programs don’t like each other and they both live to ruin the other’s season.

Yet, in an attempt to save a few dollars, UCLA thinks flights across the country could be split. That makes no sense.

UCLA floats the possibility of splitting flights with USC. (Photo by Bruce Yeung/Getty Images)

Imagine floating Auburn and Alabama or Michigan and Ohio State sharing flights to save money. You’d be laughed out of the room before you could even finish.

For some reason, UCLA thinks it’d be just fine. Spoiler: it likely would not be.

USC and UCLA are slated to leave the PAC-12 for the Big Ten. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Also, how does this even work out logistically? UCLA and USC will never be playing football or basketball in the same location at the same time. In theory, you could have separate flight legs, but that seems like a complete waste for the team that lands second.

UCLA joins the Big Ten in 2024. (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)

Nothing about this plan makes any sense. It would lead to countless problems and it’s not even clear it would save much money. What a bizarre and unbelievably dumb suggestion from the Bruins.

Written by David Hookstead

David Hookstead is a reporter for OutKick covering a variety of topics with a focus on football and culture.

He also hosts of the podcast American Joyride that is accessible on Outkick where he interviews American heroes and outlines their unique stories. Before joining OutKick, Hookstead worked for the Daily Caller for seven years covering similar topics.

Hookstead is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin.


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  1. Sorry, but this is a misinformed article. It’s not like the football or basketball teams are going to be flying together. The real scenario that would happen is the Big 10 will schedule UCLA water polo at Michigan, and USC volleyball at Michigan the same day. The UCLA water polo and USC volleyball team can fly together. Maybe it would work and maybe it wouldn’t. Not like it’s as big of deal as you are making or like the football teams would travel together. Get real

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