U.S. Considering Joint Boycott Of 2022 Winter Olympics In Beijing

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The United States is considering joining other countries in boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, as relayed by CNBC, citing the horrific human rights abuses taking place in China.

“It [a joint boycott] is something that we certainly wish to discuss,” State spokesman Ned Price told reporters when asked about the Biden administration’s plans ahead of the international games. “A coordinated approach will not only be in our interest but also in the interest of our allies and partners.”

The 2020 Winter Olympics are scheduled for Feb. 4-20. Price indicated no firm decision has been made, but sentiments of an allied boycott appear to be growing.

“Last month, the United States sanctioned two Chinese officials, citing their roles in serious human rights abuses against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang,” CNBC reported. “The sanctions by the Biden administration complement actions also taken today by the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada.

“Beijing has previously rejected U.S. charges that it has committed genocide against the Uyghurs, a Muslim population indigenous to the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Northwest China. The foreign ministry called such claims ‘malicious lies’ designed to ‘smear China’ and ‘frustrate China’s development.'”

The 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are scheduled for July and are a full go for the U.S. and other competing nations.

Written by Sam Amico

Sam Amico spent 15 years covering the NBA for Sports Illustrated, FOX Sports and NBA.com, along with a few other spots, and currently runs his own basketball website on the side, FortyEightMinutes.com.


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  1. The Secretary of State, Blinken, and the administration, were globally humiliated by the Chinese. The look on his face was both embarrassing(as an American) and freaking hilarious. The sheriff in town has no gun. The current administration has to do something, even though they really want China to be friends.

    Olympics boycott is the way to go. I think they should consider a separate Winter Olympics type event if enough right-thinking countries join the boycott.

  2. If this happens MLB and NBA access to China will be shut down. I support the boycott and look forward to NBA and MLB losing a lot of revenue. Maybe Biden can include them in the Infrastructure Bill pay them for their past support. Just kidding the Dems would NEVER give financial payback for support.

  3. here’s a question:

    How will Joe Obiden walk the line between
    America Bad? And China also bad?

    a boycott would make us bad to the Chinese and the Japanese … i think. and our athletes would have no platform to kneel. that racist or something.

  4. Don’t kid yourselves. We will go. Too many China loving enterprises here in the US and elsewhere to play hardball. We’ll say some tough things about China to show we don’t approve of their human rights abuses to pretend look like we care but, in the end, we’ll have no balls to boycott.

    • Especially in a vital election year. Queen Nancy is already fretting they will lose the House big and will need all the Big Tech and woke corporate support they can get. You’re absolutely right, big talk and no action. “Too many Americans will be hurt economically by this action” will be the excuse. Tell that to the Atlanta area small businesses.

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