Usain Bolt Willing To Bet Some Olympic Gold In A Race Against Tyreek Hill

Eight-time Olympic medalist Usain Bolt is tired of hearing the smack talk from Kansas City Chief’s wideout Tyreek Hill. While Hill is recognized around the NFL as the fastest player on the field, Cheetah wants his recognition as the fastest man on earth, meaning he’ll have to take on the current titleholder in Bolt.

“I definitely gotta train. He’s been working out. I work out too, but I would have to step up my training,” admitted Usain Bolt, in an interview with TMZ. The 35-year-old Olympic runner made his final appearance on the world stage in 2016 at the Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. He finished his final trip to the Olympics with three gold medals won and still holds the fastest time for a 100m sprint (9.58 seconds).

The accolades and worldwide recognition have not deterred Tyreek Hill from jovially calling out Bolt. The receiver is enjoying a long stretch of prime football alongside Patrick Mahomes, with a Super Bowl ring already in the trophy case at 27 years of ago. With Mahomes’ arm cannon and Hill’s unstoppable speed, the two connected for 15 receiving touchdowns and over 1,200 receiving yards last year. Frequently seen beating DBs, Hill is confident that his quick speed will also carry into a potential race against Bolt.

Bolt is certainly up for the challenge, even wagering some of his Olympic gold medals as a prize in the eventual race, but admits that he may need to stretch his legs out a bit and shake off some cobwebs in order to defeat Hill.

“Remember, I retired for a while, so I still gotta get my legs going again, know what I mean? I still got speed, but I gotta get it going.”

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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