Tyler Summitt Opens Up About Life Five Years After Cheating Scandal With One Of His Players

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Life is incredibly different these days for Tyler Summitt, the only child of Tennessee legend Pat Summitt. Tyler resigned five years ago Thursday as head coach of the Louisiana Tech women’s basketball team after an extramarital affair with one of his players took him down. In an interview with USA Today, Summitt talked about what life is like these days, and it’s wildly different from the days when he was on an ESPYs stage with his mother and Peyton Manning.

Tyler Summitt is now an Ohio man living in a small city between Columbus and suburban Dayton with Brooklyn Pumroy, the basketball player with whom he was having an affair at Louisiana Tech. Brooklyn, who serves as a high school basketball coach, and Tyler have a 2-year-old son, Breck. Tyler, 30, is no longer connected to the coaching world. As the beneficiary of Pat’s state pension after her death, Tyler will be paid $173,000 a year for the rest of his life, USA Today reports.

“I think we really just try to keep praying for forgiveness,” Summitt told reporter Josh Peter. “We still feel the guilt.”

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“I regret my actions and decisions, and I hate that I hurt so many people,’’ Summitt added. “But I love Brooke. I love Breck. We love our lives.”

The days of Tyler Summitt trying to keep the namesake going in coaching appear to be over. He told USA Today that he doesn’t see coaching as a career and that, these days, the job doesn’t appeal to him. Instead, he keeps busy being a dad, husband and his role helping out The Pat Summitt Foundation and whatever else comes up throughout the day.

His former wife, whom he cheated on, Anne “AnDe” Ragsdale, has remarried. So life appears to be falling into place for all those involved in a story that rocked women’s college basketball five years ago.

Tyler has even fired up his social media channels where he’s just another random guy in Ohio posting photos of his child and getting on with life.

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    • I agree. As a former teacher in NJ I receive a pension (nothing close to 170 G’s) and, when I die, it goes to my wife. The pension I receive now is reduced so upon my death she can continue to collect. Never should it go to an adult child. That young dude never has to work the rest of his life. Our government continues to de incentivize people from working.

    • Lighten up Communists (what you guys are sounding like) – Pat Summit must had negotiated her salary and benefits during her time as a coach with the state of Tennessee, and a contract is a contract for Tennessee to honor it. Like Clay said (or just common sense), if you have issues with successful people and their family, you have issues with yourself.

      I, for one, think what Tyler did was deplorable. But like the article said: things are falling into places for all parties involved (instead of people still feuding and suing each other), which makes the world a better place and that’s all that you can ask for given this situation.

  1. This guy cheated on his wife with an adult, married her and has started a family with her. This type of shit happens every day in America, its never ideal, or a good idea, but not uncommon.

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