Two Words: NFL Week 8

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Explaining a football game takes just one less word than the number of backup NFL quarterbacks who led their teams to stunning wins on Sunday. Mike White, Trevor Siemian, Cooper Rush add up to 3.

Let’s review Week 8:

Packers 24, Cardinals 21

AJ’s fault.

Panthers 19, Falcons 13

FG overkill.

Bills 26, Dolphins 11

Buffalo-size mismatch.

49ers 33, Bears 22

Jimmy G-332.

Steelers 15, Browns 10

No-fourth-down Browns.

Jets 34, Bengals 31

Mr. White.

Eagles 44, Lions 6

That’s Detroit.

Titans 34, Colts 31

South clincher?

Rams 38, Texans 22

Guts. Glory.

Patriots 27, Chargers 24

Sophomore slump.

Seahawks 31, Jags 7

Maybe USC?

Broncos 17, Football Team 10

Rivera’s confused.

Saints 36, Bucs 27

Siemian buns.

Cowboys 20, Vikings 16

Super Coopers.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.

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