Top Infectious Disease Expert Warns Double-Masking Can Enhance Chances Of Infection

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been doubling-masking for weeks. White House coronavirus adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has also said that wearing not one, but two masks is effective. Are you rocking the same two-mask look that your president and vice president are? If so, you might want to ditch whichever of the two masks doesn’t look good on you.

Michael Osterholm, a top infectious disease expert who served on President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board during the presidential transition, is warning citizens that two face masks may actually do more harm than good.

“When we talk about double-masking, remember what we’re really talking about is just trying to prevent the virus from being excreted by me into the air or me inhaling the virus from someone else in the air, and it’s both a function of face fit and face filtration,” Osterholm tells the very negative Chuck Todd on Meet the Press.

“So, what we’re concerned about is that many of these face cloth coverings do have already compromised fit or filtration capacity,” Osterholm goes on. “If you add on another mask, you may actually make it tougher for the air to move through the two-cloth area, and then at that point, it causes more air to actually leak around the sides, which actually enhances your ability to get infected.”

“Think about your swim goggles,” Osterholm says before asking the key question: “When’s the last time anybody leaked at the lenses? They leak at the fit.”

Osterholm does admit that two masks can be effective at times when used in a certain way.

However, instead of wearing two masks, as most in the media suggest, Osterholm says to stop wearing your mask under your nose. Seems reasonable, no?

I was quite skeptical of the two masks idea when the New York Times began to cite “data.” When the (failing) New York Times quotes data, I close the webpage.

The choice, for now, is up to you. Social media does say everyone should be more like Kamala Harris, a two-mask-wearer, so there is that…

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Now it seems that even if you put 5 doctors, 5 psychologists and 5 lawyers in a room together, they wouldn’t agree on the color of the room.

    i’ve spoken to several doctors over the last few months in casual convos about these masks and each has said they are mostly for show and a few said they are useless.

    and i’m sick of talking and smiling through them.

  2. The only mask that is remotely effective at blocking coronavirus according to the design is the N95. That type of mask is also not meant to be worn for long periods of time. The rest are as useful as Kleenex. Masks in general are a ridiculously useless requirement the government has used to overstep their responsibilities, and have obviously had zero impact at slowing the virus anywhere.

  3. Last week Dr. Fauci said that people who have been vaccinated should wear two masks. This week he said that there is no data supporting the the two mask theory. Let’s review some other quips from the media’s rock star doctor:

    The virus can only be transmitted between animals. Masks don’t work. People should probably be wearing goggles. It’s okay to meet up with a total stranger on Tindr. Offering praise for Gov. Cuomo’s handling of the pandemic.

    I was disappointed with the election result. But I was especially disappointed because I didn’t get to see this guy along with his spotty track record get sent packing on election night.

  4. Fauci has been all over the place. There’s a clip of one Congressman (in session) pulling his mask down and sneezing on his coat sleeve. I see people rubbing their eyes and picking their noses while wearing them. As John mentioned, other than the N95, most masks are worthless. Most politicians are too.

  5. It increases chance of infection because instead of exhaling the goddamn virus, you load up a rag full of it and then inhale the concentrated version of it. No way this doesn’t massively increase viral load.

    That doesn’t even begin to address bacterial lung infections, acne, tooth decay, vertigo, hypoxia, depression, fear/mistrust, and all the rest of the downside of this bullshit kabuki theatre.

  6. The only mask that is remotely effective is the N95, and that is only if it’s worn correctly, for a short period of time. NO mask is in any way effective if you’re constantly touching it, removing it, adjusting it, etc… So, screw the masks. They are the new Prius

  7. Recently, I took my grandson to elementary school, and as I’m sure most of you can remember the typical chaotic early morning at school right before the first bell, kids running around, laughing, playing, etc. being kids.

    It was just absolutely heart breaking to see the scene now, in the time of masks. There was just so little joy, the kids looked like their young souls were just being overwhelmed with our constant infusion of fear into their lives. And now they can’t even develop properly socially learning to read facial expressions, etc.

    It has inspired me to get more involved, do the same, we can make a difference, but don’t think for a second ‘we are all in this together’.

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