Twitter Users Furious Adam Schefter Keeps Re-Tweeting Sports Emmy Nomination Tweets

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People regard Adam Schefter as one of, if not the best, NFL reporters around. As such, many people have notifications on for his tweets. That way, when he breaks NFL news, those people can be among the first to know.

But that backfired Tuesday. The NFL news has been relatively slow throughout the day, outside of a trade between the Lions and Falcons including former #3 overall NFL Draft pick Jeff Okudah.

But for those with Adam Schefter tweet notifications, they thought the NFL world was coming down around them.

That’s because Schefter fired off retweet after retweet Tuesday, causing users phones to “blow up” with notifications.

Unfortunately, those notifications surrounded the Sports Emmys. Not breaking NFL news.

A sampling of retweets from Adam Schefter on Tuesday, all pertaining to Sports Emmy nominations.
A sampling of retweets from Adam Schefter on Tuesday, all pertaining to Sports Emmy nominations (

In total, Schefter retweeted 11 posts from the Sports Emmy account in a matter of about two minutes.

People were … less than enthused.

Adam Schefter has to show better situational awareness here, right?? His job is to report NFL news and people count on that information.

When that notification hits, people must be thinking “what NFL news is about to distract me from my boring job?”

To then find out that there is no news? And they’re just retweets about Sports Emmys, which people probably didn’t even realize is a thing?

Adam Schefter, of all people, should understand how important people’s phones are to them. You can’t just fire off retweets all day.

Here people are, minding their business at their desks, hoping for something to break up the monotony. And you hit them with Sports Emmy nomination tweets.

Devastating is an understatement.

Shame on you, Adam Schefter. Shame.

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