Twitch Streamer Banned From The Platform For Twerking During A Livestream

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Popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is the latest content creator to go to battle with the streaming platform after receiving a ban. She revealed Tuesday that she was hit with a three day ban for twerking during a livestream.

Alinity, whose real name is Natalia Mogollon, is also an OnlyFans model. She took to Twitter to announce the ban. She tweeted, “got banned on twitch for TWERKING. Yes, really. What a bullshit ass platform, thinking on taking business somewhere else.”

Twitch Streamer Alinity Divine
Streamer banned from Twitch for twerking (Image Credit: Alinity Divine/Twitter)

She followed that up with another tweet mentioning another ban she received for a wardrobe malfunction. She tweeted, “3 f*cking days. I got less when I had a nipslip. what a JOKE.”

There’s no way a platform that has bikini and hot tub streams banned one of the biggest names on their platform for simply twerking. Or is there?

Alinity shared the clip of her dancing and twerking during a livestream with a dress on, which she claims led to her ban.

To make matters worse, when Alinity reached out to Twitch about the questionable ban to point out that there is much worse than twerking that takes place they didn’t seem to care.

They responded to her by saying, “well it needs reported for a ban.” That seems to indicate that someone reported her for twerking.

A Streamer Of Alinity Divine’s Stature Could Give A Streaming Platform A Huge Boost

That’s unfortunate. It might lead to her leaving for another platform. There are some competitors who have reached out to gauge her interest.

Rumble flat out asked her to come to their platform while Kick threw out the eyeballs emoji to let her know that they’re interested. This ban could quickly turn into an opportunity for Alinity.

It’s going to come down to what kind of offers Alinity receives from the other streaming platforms. She made that clear with a “show me the money-style” response to Rumble.

Platforms are going to have to pay for Alinity to join them, but she brings a lot more to the table than twerking. She brings eyeballs, the twerking is a bonus.

Written by Sean Joseph

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