Turkey ‘Accidentally’ Vaxx’d Newborns And Will Publish Results of Their ‘Accidental’ Experiment

Turkey’s unethical practices involving vaccinating newborn children (from one to six months old) were exposed after reports stated that vaccine doses have been “accidentally” administered to the age group across a number of Turkish clinics.

During an NTV interview, the claim was brought up and backtracked by Turkish Professor Zafer Kurugöl, eventually clarifying that only “one” newborn received the vaccine shot rather than the multitude suggested by earlier comments.

Kurugöl said that the baby will now be the subject of a study in the coming months to determine the vaccine’s effect on the demographic.

Professor Kurugöl said, “At times there could be mistakes. COVID vaccines are mistakenly given to six-month-old babies instead of measles or hepatitis-B jabs. But no side effects have been detected; the jabs even boosted their antibodies.”

Turkey’s Ministry of Health announced that an investigation will be launched to assess whether the vaccination was truly accidental; meanwhile, the Turkish Medical Association condemned the practices due to the Turkish government’s lack of transparency with vaccine data.

Turkey has received doses of the Sinovac Biotech vaccine, developed in China, that has an efficacy rate of 83.5 percent. Upon further research, the vaccine’s reported efficacy was revised from its initial percentage (91.25), per Reuters.

“We are stunned by Kurugöl’s statement and we, as healthcare personnel, do not deserve our efforts to be wasted in such a way,” claimed the Association, via official statement. “The relationship between medicine and industry shows how important public resources are to ensure the independence of scientific research.”

News of the unprincipled vaccine experiments follow weeks of Turkish citizens protesting continued lockdowns and COVID-19 mandates imposed by its rigid government.

A Reuters report covered the protests in Turkey, which included some anti-vaccine groups in no way associated with a Republican agenda — which has been the American media’s prime explanation for vaccine hesitancy.

“This pandemic is just going on with even more restrictions on our freedoms and there’s no end to it,” said one of the Turkish protesters. “Masks, vaccines, PCR tests might all become mandatory. We’re here to voice our discontent with this.” 

“We’re against all these mandates,” commented Aynur Buyruk Bilen, a critic of the government’s attempts to get citizens inoculated. “I think that the vaccines aren’t complete, and that it’s an experimental liquid.”

Per the report, over 60 percent of Turkey’s population has received a shot of the vaccine.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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