Tucker Carlson Hammers Media Over Breonna Taylor Coverage

Wednesday, a Kentucky grand jury announced indictments in the case of the death of Breonna Taylor.

The reaction led most news shows including Tucker Carlson Tonight. At the end of his opening monologue, Carlson focused on the media’s coverage.

Carlson blasted his former employers, CNN and MSNBC:

“It is all such a lie,” Carlson responds to MSNBC saying black people can’t go anywhere. “It is a demonstrable lie. Statistics don’t back it up. The experience of your life, no matter what color you are, doesn’t back it up.”

“The fact that hundreds of thousands of people move [to the United States] every year, who are black, is living refutation of what they just said,” he continued. “Nothing about that is true.”

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  1. CNN, MSNBC, are calling for violence today……Tomorrow MSESPN and Max Kellerman will be gaslighting us. “What violence?” Max will ask, ” the protests were mostly peaceful”…..”Oh, the window smashing?” Max will continue, “That’s just right wing agitators”………….The woke are so full of it. They are satanic.

  2. So glad that we are so inundated with sports that the we have time to hear about what Tucker Carlson has to say about… Sports? Umm… Most of us already check Fox News. Where are the sports stories? Yeah I see that there is some sports reporting between the sensational shares of articles. I will argue that, as the same way Clay said BLM is only preaching to the choir that cares, you guys are preaching to the same choir as well. I understand that you are trying to expand your audience, but with all of the sports happening the content is mostly political and not much in the form of sports entertainment. I’m on your side, but where is the fun?

    • Agreed! This is well beyond “where the athlete takes us” at this point. I like Tucker, too, but Out Kick would be better served having sections dedicated to actual sports scores only! I don’t care if they copy and paste ESPN’s sports scoreboard, I’d rather get it here and not have to go there.

      It’s a legitimate argument to make that it is difficult to ascertain the actual events of current sports, on the field, by reading out kick. But it is quite easy to learn all the dirty gossip off the field, or daily politics.

  3. At some point, some one with a platform that can cut through must speak up and state facts. Trump has a great chance to do so in the coming debates. I hope they prime him to talk about the ACTUAL issues for blacks which is unwed mothers, the destruction of the family and black on black violence. At this point, it seems to be ESPN, CNN, et al have stepped beyond ideology an dare actively tearing down the United States. That being the case, THEY need to be canceled. I cut the cord years ago and stopped watching ESPN.

  4. This feels like the country-sized version of the whole family freaking out over a tiny spider in the bathroom and thinking it’s an immediate crisis. Should the shootout have been been handled a little bit better? Probably. Is Taylor a martyr? Not by my definition.

  5. The ignorant self-righteousness of athletes — angry without bothering to learn facts or hold the “victims” accountable for all their bad choices — is what gets me. And the leagues’ indulgence of that.

    We know lawyer Adam Silver realizes why the legal decisions go the way they do. Does he ever counsel the players’ union to have NBA players mention lawfulness and compliance when they are complaining? Is he willing to have his organization decline because of lies and ignorance?

    Now they’re not just ranting about a few allegedly racist cops. Now they’re undermining the whole rule of law, due process and justice. Over skin color.

    Wish someone could ask Silver about that. But the media are too woke and actually are triggering the ignorant, emotional, unmoored-from-reality responses (see Jimmy Butler’s remarks after Heat vs Celtics Game 4).

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