Republicans Believe Tucker Carlson Would be Presidential Frontrunner in 2024

Tucker Carlson is breaking records on television — but is that his ceiling?

There’s buzzing chatter of Carlson running for president in 2024. It was revealed in a feature published by Politico that multiple Republican strategists, conservative commentators, and former Trump campaign officials believe Carlson would be the immediate frontrunner in a Republican primary.

“He’s a talented communicator with a massive platform. I think if he runs he’d be formidable,” Republican strategist Luke Thompson said.

Sam Nunberg, a former political aide to President Donald Trump, has some doubts that Carlson, who is “disgusted with politicians,” would run. However, if he did, Nunberg likes his chances:

“Let me put it this way: If Biden wins and Tucker decided to run, he’d be the nominee,” Nunberg explained. 

Sixteen prominent Republicans interviewed by Politico agreed that the Fox News primetime host would be a “formidable” candidate. 

“No one can dismiss this and say it’s completely implausible,” Rich Lowry, editor of the National Review, added. “There is at the very least a significant faction within the Republican Party that [Carlson] has a huge stake in and arguably leadership over. If he has political ambitions, he has an opening. He has a following and a taste for controversy. He’s smart, quick on his feet and personable. Political experience matters less than it once did.” 

I don’t doubt that Carlson would enter the primary in 2024 as one of the frontrunners. As we’ve discussed at Outkick, he’s popular among all ages and appeals to Americans who aren’t extreme on either side. As a result, Carlson would pick up the support of the voters, who like him, are fed up with all politicians.

Lately, Carlson has been critical of the “morally bankrupt Republican Party.” He’s warned viewers about likely 2024 Republican candidate Nikki Haley and the “vultures [who] wait just off stage to swoop in and claim the GOP for themselves once Donald Trump is gone.”

Carlson sells his points in his monologues, watched by over 4 million viewers, as well as politicians on stage.

The challenge, of course, would be the first step: wanting it. In order for Carlson to run, he’d potentially have to leave behind or take a break from his television career with no guarantee he’d win. A television career that he’s entering his prime in.

Carlson, right now, is the top media personality with the largest audience. Thus, could and should be in-line for a record-breaking contract when his current deal is up. 

What chances would you give Tucker Carlson?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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    • Agree 100%! America needs Tucker right where he is at.

      Realistically, Dan Crenshaw would be great for this country one of these days. He is only about 36 years old right now, but if he ever chose to run I think he could win.

  1. All indications are that Tucker isn’t interested, and this is in no way a shot at Tucker, but we all have our stations in life. Tucker’s station is to be an advisor, a critic, and a communicator, to be a thought leader rather than a political leader. Him as presidential candidate isn’t going to work.
    Dan Crenshaw has been impressive, but I say we bring Congressman Solid Snake along at a reasonable pace. I would back Ted Cruz for a second shot at the GOP nomination, if not Cruz, Senators Tim Scott and Tom Cotton have impressed me as well.

  2. Pay attention to up and comer Trey Gowdy of South Carolina. Formerly a House member and now a private attorney and commentator. Has the IT factor — very likable, bright, articulate and ardent spokesman for intelligent conservatism.

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