Tua Tagovailoa Married Annah Gore During The Offseason, According To Court Records

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Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is officially a married man. According to a Broward County Clerk of Courts database, Tuaniga Donny Tagovailoa married Annah Concetta Gore, a native of North Carolina, on July 18, just 10 days before the start of Dolphins training camp.

It turns out that if you want a guy to sit on sensitive information, Tua is your guy. A quick Google search reveals very little information on Gore and absolutely no connections between the two of them other than they both attended the University of Alabama.

From all indications, Gore is equally as secretive. Her Instagram account is locked. She has nearly zero Internet presence and there’s not even a wedding registry for the young couple. There’s no goofy Instagram hashtag like hundreds of thousands of couples out there.

But it’s right there in the Broward Clerk of Courts files. Tua has found a wife and the early training camp reports are that the lefty gunslinger looks good out of the gates.

It is completely possible that you’re about to see a Tua rebirth thanks to the happiness he’s found with Annah. She’s not out on Instagram playing NFL wife. She’s not arguing with Dolphins fans on Twitter over her new husband’s handling of the offense.

Tua wife Annah Gore
Court records indicate Tua Tagovailoa married Annah Gore on July 18 / Instagram

She’s tight-lipped. Tua’s not saying anything. They’re completely focused on the task at hand and that should energize Dolphin fans.

“Well, I don’t know any of those guys,” Tua said last week in response to criticism he received during the offseason. “They draw people for clickbait, whatever that is. To me, if I can’t hear you, you’re not that important to me. If you’re in my circle and I can hear you and what you’re saying, obviously you have to be extremely important to me.

“But if I can’t hear it, it’s probably not important.”

Tua has more important things to worry about like taking out the trash, making sure the yard is mowed, and tucking in his bride before getting back to his Microsoft Surface Pro X to study tape.

Tua married Annah Gore in July

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