Tua Tagovailoa Cuts Loose On Custom-Made Dance Floor, Gets Fur Coat From Rick Ross To Celebrate 25th Birthday

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Tua Tagovailoa turned 25 years old Thursday. The Miami Dolphins quarterback was born March 2, 1998โ€” even though he looks and acts about 20 years older than he is.

Despite his typical reserved, buttoned-up demeanor and fairly private way of carrying himself, Tagovailoa let loose over the weekend to celebrate the last significant birthday before his 30th. He threw a banger with some of his closest friends and family.

Tua Tagovailoa was cutting a rug!

He paid homage to his Hawaiian roots and heritage, rocking a silver and blue three-piece suit, by dancing a form of ‘the Taualuga,’ a traditional Samoan dance that is also called ‘the Money Dance.’

Although a shirtless man stole the show with his slick moves, Tagovailoa was having a blast.

If tearing it up on a custom-made dance floor with his name on it wasn’t cool enough, Tagovailoa had one of the most famous rappers of all-time in attendance. Rick Ross, an avid Dolphins fan who is often around the team and has become synonymous with Miami, pulled up to give his team’s quarterback some love.

Rozay grabbed the mic and called everybody’s attention to the stage. There, Tagovailoa hugged up on him as if they were best friends since birth. Apparently, they’re like that. Casual.

Let’s make some noise for my brother Tua right here y’all! Not only is he a living legend, an amazing athlete, but he’s a great example of what a young man should be. Ya dig?

Not only is this my neighbor, but this my little bro, ya dig?

So I just brought a quick gift, you know, just showing a little love.

โ€” Rick Ross

Ross proceeded to bring out one of his fur coats and gifted it to Tagovailoa.

Tagovailoa is the guy in Miami for the foreseeable future. Even though there is speculation that he might not be with the Dolphins long-term, Da Boss has spoken. If he says that Tagovailoa is a living legend, he’s a living legend.

What a way to turn 25!

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