Donald Trump Envisions LeBron as a Transgender Athlete

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Because common sense has died in America, some biological men have been able to participate in women’s sports as transgender athletes.

The idea, of course, is absurd. Women’s sports will end if men who “identify” as women can compete against biological women. Yet, the Left remains open to the idea, and has even encouraged it. So maybe the thought of one particular man — LeBron James — competing against women will change their minds?

At Saturday’s Turning Point Action “Rally to Protect Our Elections!” event in Phoenix, Ariz., former President Donald Trump offered the idea of LeBron, the Left’s most useful pawn, competing in women’s sports.

“I’ll be honest, we all like to win,” Trump said while criticizing a transgender weightlifter. “If I were a coach, I’ll tell you, I wouldn’t be talking to too many women, as we know women. I’d be getting some of these people that, they’re women. Somebody said that if LeBron James ever decided to get the operation, how would he be? How would he be on the court?”

The media quickly scoffed at Trump’s comment, but audiences can’t shake this visual from their minds.

LeBron may be a beta male, but he’s a 6-foot-9, 260-pound power forward who runs the basketball court like a 5-10 point guard.

By the way, if you are waiting for LeBron to comment on this issue — stop. LeBron speaks only about social issues that further his brand. Plus, Trump has put him in a no-win situation. LeBron would either a) have to agree with the woke losers and say he’s not superior to women basketball players, which he would never do; or b) admit the idea is ridiculous and thus alienate the few remaining woke losers who still watch his games on TV.

LeBron better stick to commenting on police shootings for now.

Speaking of LeBron’s ratings, Trump slammed those too.

“LeBron James? You can have him,” Trump went on at Saturday’s rally. “Did you see the basketball ratings, which were terrible, but they went up after his team was defeated.”

Trump is correct. And you heard it here first. I argued the day after the Suns bounced the race-baiting fraud from the playoffs that the NBA was instantly more enjoyable to watch.

Shortly after he lost on the court, LeBron went on to promote his Space Jam movie, which could now lose hundreds of millions of dollars without China’s support and has been universally scorned by critics. You can’t help but laugh.

There are two truths to recognize here: LeBron James is the worst, and men should not compete against women in sports. Anyway, detractors of those two truths want to silence Trump. Hmm.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack is a writer for OutKick where he reports and analyzes the latest topics in media, culture, sports, and politics..

Burack has become a prominent voice in media and has been featured on several shows across OutKick and industry related podcasts and radio stations.


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  1. “By the way, if you are waiting for LeBron to comment on this issue — stop. LeBron speaks only about social issues that further his brand. Plus, Trump has put him in a no-win situation. ”

    “no win”

    Now this is funny. Do you actually believe Lebron commenting on what Trump has to say will “Hurry his brand”? With who? LMBAO….. No offense but MAGA types have NO INFLUENCE on the NBA, Basketball, the Culture or the Players.

    Hell, if anything it would help Lebron because its not as if Donald Trump is seen as a popular figure. HE was a ONE TERM President who lost the House and Senate in 4 years plus the Whitehouse. See…. Jan. 6 also (not a good look for MAGA) IJS

    • What happened on Jan 6. Are you taking about the guided tour of the US capital. The one with cops and patriots taking selfie’s. Yeah that was scary man.LMPWAO!

    • I’m curious, how old are you? Saying that the “MAGA types have NO INFLUENCE on the NBA” is laughable. You do realize that it’s other corporations where NBA gets it’s money from, right?
      There are many sponsors of the NBA and most of those people are Republican. I know you probably show up to the game and buy a hot dog and you think you’re the one keeping the lights on in the building, but sadly for you it’s not true.

      Not only has your woke little babies destroyed the ratings by losing half the country because they want to get all activist because of bs propaganda been sucked in to.
      You’ve also turned off Mom’s and Dad’s from buying the gear, shoes, and whatever other ridiculous product these babies try pushing on their viewers. Keep thinking you have the world figured out.

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