Gab Backed up President Trump’s Twitter, Recreated it on Website

President Donald Trump may be gone from Twitter, but his tweets could now live on forever. According to Populist Press, Gab backed up Trump’s entire Twitter account before it was removed and recreated his page on Gab.

If any middle finger to Twitter has landed a blow, it’s this one:

Gab’s website is currently down, presumably because of high traffic demands. Gab, an uncensored social media platform, has experienced significant growth since Amazon removed Parler from its web servers on Sunday night. Parler is expected to be back up on new servers later this week.

Much like his business plans, Trump’s social media future is up in the air. Should he attempt to go through with plans to launch a Fox News competitor, social media will be a key ingredient to his network’s success.

Trump’s following and base are strong enough to follow him to a new social media platform in the tens of millions. However, the services that allow Trump’s presence have damning obstacles to overcome, with Apple and Google banning social media companies they don’t agree with from their app stores.

Parler, the most popular of the options, and Gab can exist via various web browsers. The app versions are not a necessity, though apps do strengthen a platform’s reach. Users are more likely to click routinely on a phone app than they are to use a browser. Furthermore, iPhone notifications are restricted to app store downloads only.

For now, it’s just fun to picture an extremely angry Don Lemon going through Trump’s greatest hits on Gab.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. This Is Great News. Actually I wish Trump was still going as POTUS, but he already set up America to prosper with every move he has made, and democrats are Clowns.

    what policies are they gonna try at the federal level that would pass and do any good? they have nothing and Americans won’t comply with New York or California style craziness.

    Go Get Gab and Parler. sux that i finally caved into apple and have an ipad mini and such. their tech is incredible, but i’m gonna sell all my apple stock. and I’ll invest my fortune in competitors to all these tech fools.

    seems America is becoming 1930’s Germany or Italy.

  2. Parler should have learned from Gab and started to develop its own iinterstructure or at least work with vendors they could trust. It would be a good side business if Parler had developed their own payment system and leverage it with other startups who didn’t want to work with Silicon Valley.

  3. You have to do this kind of preemptive strike when the first amendment is under assault. That is the larger point and, collectively, the new battle for all of us to fight. The first step is to vote with your wallet. Here’s a shortlist to stop subsidizing: Amazon, Firefox/Mozilla, Google, Chrome, Paypal, Citicorp, Target, Facebook, Twitter, CVS, Venmo, YouTube, Apple, WhatsApp.

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