Trevor Lawrence to Start Week 1

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The Jaguars officially announced that Trevor Lawrence will start Week 1 against the Texans.

While the Jags were expected to go right to Lawrence to start the season, I had begun to wonder whether they’d hold off until they got their offensive line semi-presentable. If the football film guys take anything away from the preseason, it’s that the Jaguars’ line is going to get Lawrence killed.

Do you remember how pathetic the Chiefs’ offensive line looked against the Bucs in the Super Bowl? That’s how inept Jacksonville’s line will look this season. Probably all season long too. And if Mahomes can’t overcome putrid protection, Lawrence damn sure can’t. Lawrence may be great one day — he ain’t Mahomes.

If it weren’t for the Texans, I would have difficulty finding two wins on the Jags’ schedule.

Written by Bobby Burack

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