Trent Dilfer Joins Clay To Discuss How Trevor Lawrence Compares To Andrew Luck, Other Generational Quarterbacks

Trevor Lawrence has been the consensus No. 1 pick for a while now. Some would say that’s been understood for years, even dating back to Clemson’s 44-16 win over Alabama in the national title when Lawrence was a freshman.

Now we are only days away from the start of the 2021 NFL Draft, and it’s time for Lawrence to assume his role as the future for the Jacksonville Jaguars. But how is he going to stack up against other generational QB talents?

Former Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer, who has plenty of experience working with top quarterback prospects, joined Clay Travis on OutKick the Coverage on Tuesday to discuss this year’s crop of quarterbacks.

Of course the discussion included Lawrence. When Clay asked how he compared to other former No. 1 picks — especially Andrew Luck — Dilfer responded:

“Yeah, I think he fits. I’ve talked to some guys I really trust and believe that have him a tick lower than Andrew Luck. Now we’re splitting hairs, and they have really good reasons for it. I don’t. I have him as equal.

“To me, I thought Andrew Luck was the best prospect since John Elway. I think Trevor is the best prospect since Andrew Luck. You know, he’s just the complete package.”

Dilfer then discussed the ongoing pressure Lawrence has dealt with his entire career, first when coming out of high school, then earning the starting job at Clemson, and finally playing Alabama in the national title game.

With all of the challenges he has faced, we know that Lawrence can handle pressure, both on and off the field.

“He’s always been able to handle the burden of being the big quarterback with a lot of pressure,” Dilfer told Clay. “Because of that, I think he’ll seamlessly roll into the NFL, and it won’t be too big for him. He’s got the talent to do it. He’s got the leadership to do it. He’s got the football IQ to do it. He’s got the work ethic to do it. He really checks every box, and that’s why I think he’s a true first pick of the draft.”

Urban Meyer and the Jaguars certainly agree.

It was a fantastic conversation all the way around. Clay and Dilfer also discussed Tua Tagovailoa heading into Year 2, whom the 49ers should take at No. 3 and a whole lot more. You should absolutely go check out the podcast once it’s available later today.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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    • Well, if you are counting SB wins…which is how some people judge qbs, championship rings, then Aaron Rodgers is a highly paid Trent Diller. You have to remember, Favre had GB in 2 Super Bowls so Aaron really didn’t have to raise a team up say Peyton Manning and the Colts you asked.

      • I don’t. Besides we all know that all time Baltimore defense won that Super Bowl. Your defense gives up 23 points over 4 games…I could probably win a SB with that.

        Especially considering how Aaron Rodgers could have been in another one if it weren’t for a guy having a brain fart on an onside kick.

  1. Now check out what he says about Justin Fields…I don’t get it, he said Fields is a what, Greek God with no flaws whatsoever, but somehow he’s not Lawrence.

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