Zach Bryan, Travis Tritt Talk Face-To-Face After Bud Light Spat

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Country music stars Zach Bryan and Travis Tritt have ironed out their differences after Bud Light seemed to split country music.

Bud Light’s decision to team up with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney fractured the country music industry in intense fashion.

Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, John Rich and multiple other artists all ripped and torched the beer brand for the decision and seemingly abandoning its core audience.

Zach Bryan, one of the fastest rising music stars on the planet, took a different stance and argued that while he found the treatment of Riley Gaines wrong, he thinks the backlash was a bit much.

“I just have family transitioning and have blood to defend here No one threaten me pls,” Bryan tweeted, in part, in a long string of tweets.

He also specifically called out Travis Tritt, who banned Anheuser-Busch products on his concert rider.

Zach Bryan and Travis Tritt iron out their differences.

In an unexpected development, Tritt and Bryan did something that you rarely see these days when people disagree:

They met up in person and hashed everything out.

Zach Bryan irons out differences with Travis Tritt after online spat. (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

“We disagree on some things and agree on some things and it seems the world did not end. My dad almost cried at his set can everyone stop being so weird,” Bryan tweeted after a 90 minute discussion between the country music stars.

Tritt echoed his sentiments and applauded the fact the two “have so much common ground.”

Tritt and Bryan should be applauded.

This situation is a great reminder you can disagree with people and still manage to not vilify them. How crazy is that?

Imagine if more people met face-to-face over disagreements to talk things out. Even throw in a few cold beers if you’d like – just no Bud Light for Tritt and many others.

Travis Tritt speaks with Zach Bryan after disagreeing over Bud Light and Dylan Mulvaney. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for America Salutes You)

That’s a hell of a lot more productive than arguing online. Unfortunately, a lot of people just prefer to hide behind their computer screens. It’s easier to sling mud from a keyboard than it is in person. That’s just a fact.

Travis Tritt and Zach Bryan clearly disagree on the transgender issue and Dylan Mulvaney, but as the legendary singer noted, they also share some “common ground.” They figured that out by actually sitting down and talking.

Zach Bryan took a different stance from many over the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney disaster. (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

The country could definitely use a bit more of that kind of energy than people just taking shots on social media. Props to both of them for reminding people it’s always better to talk than to just argue online.

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  1. This is nice to see. The biggest problem when trying to have an actual discussion with people on the Left is that they know (and can really feel it when they have to say the words out loud) that they have no legs to stand on in a rational debate. They resort to yelling and name-calling and accusations very quickly. Believe me I have tried.

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