Travis Kelce & Beer Bonging Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Drop Instagram Unfollows On Each Other (Update)

“Hey Joe, why are you going all TMZ here at Outkick?” Guys, it is my duty to provide you with all the due diligence I can possibly find as we head towards one of the weirdest NFL seasons you’ll ever live through. Intel is going to be critical this fall before you start slapping down cash. Like Marshawn Lynch said, taking care of mentals will be more critical this year than ever before.

That’s why I’m providing you with the news that Travis Kelce and his beer bonging girlfriend Kayla Nicole have taken drastic action and unfollowed each other on Instagram. It was just 20 or so days ago when Kelce and Kayla partied hard with Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend Brittany in Tahoe on that $500 million contract celebration trip. Now here we are with both showing “No users found.” Uh oh, trouble in paradise?

Besides some Instagram Story memories, Kayla has scrubbed Travis from her Instagram page. That’s right, it has gotten to that level for her. Meanwhile, Killa Trav has yet to take it to that extreme. Maybe it’s a cooling-off period after a hard-partying stretch that takes it out of people.

I know some of you guys reading this have gone through the breakup/unfollow stage and it’s a brutal stretch. One minute your head is in the playbook, the next minute the ex is blowing up your phone with accusations. Or you try to put the relationship back together but she starts making bold demands.

Update: Kelce says they’re done.

Let’s see Adam Schefter give you this gambling intel:

Travis Kelce girlfriend unfollow Instagram

Happier times:


Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Hey Joe,
    Say, did you cut and paste KillaTrav’s lines from his IG account.
    I’m a little long in the tooth to tell some 55 year old babe that she’s “the rock to my roll”. Maybe I could get away with she’s “the peanut butter to my JELLYTIME”…nahhh…pretty sure she’d be rolling on the barroom floor if I dropped that line on her.
    But YOU, Joe…YOU could make those lines work for ya, bud. I’m sure of it…100%
    Just tryin to help.

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