Transgender Artist Calls Out 72-Year-Old Caitlyn Jenner For Boxing Match

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Brayd Bunch, a transgender artist with nearly 900k Instagram followers, wants a piece of Caitlyn Jenner. Bunch called out the 72-year-old Jenner to step into the boxing ring.

While facing off against Mike Mazza for an upcoming fight, Bunch took the time to challenge Jenner, relaying a message that the upcoming fight would bring others into the boxing scene.


Bunch, who is significantly younger than Jenner, made fun of Jenner’s Olympic past saying Jenner should have to give her gold medal back if Bunch beat her in a boxing match.

Jenner has stepped in the boxing ring before having fought and ‘beat’ bodyguard Mark Behar back in 2009. Behar claimed after the charity match that the fight was staged for Jenner to win.

It would be a surprise to see Jenner step into a boxing ring. Jenner seems to be enjoying time on the golf course these days and doesn’t exactly seem to be searching for a brawl.

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