Trump-Biden Town Hall Ratings Winner Comes Down to Spin-Jobs

President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden went head-to-head in a battle to see who had the better ratings for their Thursday night town hall meetings.

On ABC, Biden’s town hall averaged 14.1 million viewers, topping Trump’s 13.5 across NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and Telemundo.

According to the New York Post, with online and TV viewing, Trump edged Biden 17.8 million to 16.8 million.

So, who won? It depends on who you are voting for. It can — and will — be spun both ways.

Obviously, the media is giving the W to Biden. CNN’s Brian Stelter has jumped out in front proudly announcing a victory for Biden. Stelter is so excited he might have to write a new book.

ABC has its own reasons for wanting to discuss ratings over the substance of the broadcast. On Friday, Fox News released a damning report indicating that two of the questioners on the ABC broadcast had ties to high-profile Democrats.

Nathan Osburn, a former speechwriter for the Obama White House, was among those selected to ask a question of Obama’s former vice president, Joe Biden. Osburn also created the “Philly for Pete” group, which aimed to boost former Democratic presidential primary candidate Pete Buttigieg. ABC ignored the conflict and simply listed Osburn as someone who works in “communications.

The other questioner, Mieke Haeck, is married to Ezra Nanes, a high-profile Democrat in Pennsylvania. In 2018, Nanes ran against Republican state Senate Majority Leader Jake Corman.

NBC probably prefers to discuss ratings too. Anything to distract from that horrendous performance by moderator Savannah Guthrie. Guthrie is probably still asking if Trump denounces white supremacy.

Compared to that, the viewership war doesn’t sound too bad.

The news networks somehow still manage to expose their agenda even in a strong ratings night.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. Our President wins of course did you see the rally in Florida today it was massive i have seen a couple Biden rally’s and there is hardly anyone there and no enthusiasm to boot. I guess when you have been around in politics lying for nearly 50 years what new could you possibly have to offer and your joined at the hip with a socialist senator. And his message of raising your taxes ending fracking reregulating businesses shut down the economy if necessary everyone is for that stuff right you want to pay more taxes right lol too much

  2. Has ABC commented on the staged questions by these hack town hall spectators? The audaciousness of their bias is mind blowing. They don’t even pretend anymore. And that little midget Stephanopoulos is advertised as some hard hitting political journalist and expert. I thought he was going to break out some oatmeal for Joey, feed it to him with a big spoon, and then help him wipe the dribble off the scrappy kid from Scranton. And Samantha Guthrie? Holy shit.

  3. I still have some faith in the American people to see through all this insane media spin to vote for what’s truly best for the nation: Continuity. Even lifelong Democrats, like Clay, see something has gone terribly wrong with their philosophy of who America is. The vision the left casts for America is dystopian, and I expect a vast majority of voters to soundly reject that at the polls. No one wants lawlessness, chaos and economic instability. That’s what we’d get with Biden.

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