Topless Maid Took Home More Than $2,000 After One Day Of Cleaning Houses

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A topless maid from Florida took to TikTok a few days ago to get in on the trend of showing off how much money she takes home from work. The trend is heavy with strippers and Hooters waitresses breaking down the money they make doing their job.

Some break it down by just one day of work while others will share how much they take home a week. The topless maid went the daily route and broke down how much cash she walks away with after a hard day of cleaning houses topless.

Topless Maid Took Home More Than $2,000 After One Day Of Cleaning Houses
Topless maid makes $300 an hour (Image Credit: Sincerely Sammi/Instagram)

Sure enough being a topless maid comes with a high hourly rate and large tips. Sammi, as she known on social media, had her TikTok account shutdown shortly after her video breaking down her pay received more than 8 million views.

This minor setback was just that, a minor setback. She shared the video following the shutdown of her TikTok account on Instagram. Which is a good thing. It’s important that people know there’s good money to be made taking your clothes off.

In the video Sammi shares how much money she took home from cleaning five houses in one day. With her $300 per hour rate and various amounts of tips she earned $2,230. Not bad for five hours of work. Unfortunately, she’s not pocketing all of that cash.

Given the nature of her work, going into stranger’s homes, she employs a security guard. He sits outside while she does her business for an hour. His fee is 35% of her earnings.

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Being a giver, Sammi rounded up in this particular case and gave her security guard $800 to sit in his car for five hours. At the end of the day she walked away with $1,430 in her pocket.

“So many of you want to know how much I make in a day as a topless maid,” she said. “Today I cleaned five houses and I charge $300 an hour.”

She continued, “And I have a security guy who sits out in the car and waits for me just in case something happens. And he gets 35% of what I make.”

Again, not bad for only five hours of work. Where was topless maid on career day? Or topless maid security guard for that matter?

These are decent paying gigs too. I feel like I would have remembered seeing both of these had they existed.

What makes them even more attractive is the fact that neither of them require a lot of training or education. We’re talking about really high paying jobs without being strapped with a ton of student debt.

Written by Sean Joseph

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