Tony Soprano’s Cadillac Escalade Is For Sale, And It’s Not Cheap

A Cadillac Escalade driven by Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) during the making of ‘The Sopranos’ is up for sale and the price tag is rather shocking.

The 2003 Escalade isn’t being sold at some random New Jersey used car lot. Instead, it’s being offered by Import 1 Motorsport in Pipersville, Pennsylvania.

According to documentation with the vehicle, the Cadillac was featured in the final three seasons of the show as Tony Soprano’s personal vehicle.

The show’s production had two identical Escalades and this one was primarily used for exterior shots and close-ups of Gandolfini. It was also the car used in a chase scene in the fifth season when Gandolfini’s character ran a rival off the road.

You can be the proud owner of Tony Soprano’s Cadillac! (Credit: Import Motorsport 1)

The Escalade has 110,939 miles on it and is listed for $175,000. The car is fully loaded, has a computer-controlled suspension system, and features three Gandolfini signatures. The vehicle publicly sold back in 2015 for just under $120,000.

For comparison, the most expensive new Cadillac on the market today starts at $149,990. Then again, any new Escalade never had the legendary Tony Soprano sit in the driver’s seat.

My guess is someone in New Jersey is going to buy this car sooner rather than later. It’s a legendary car driven by an all-time television character.

Written by Mark Harris

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