Tony La Russa Apologizes For Yermin Mercedes’ 3-0 Homer

In a 15-4 game, White Sox DH Yermin Mercedes clubbed his sixth home run of his rookie season — on a 3-0 count. The Twins home announcers were livid, but if we’re being honest, who gives a rip? If you don’t like it, then don’t fall into an 11-run hole with a position player on the mound.

And what’s most important is that Yermin Mercedes is going to make money off every home run he ever hits. That’s how baseball contracts work, especially during arbitration hearings. For those who don’t know, MLB players hire agents to calculate contracts, using statistics, to determine a final salary. MLB owners will use all the stats they can against Mercedes in a couple years, so why shouldn’t he try and pile up every stat he can?

These “unwritten” rules of baseball are absolutely dreck for the game. The reason that no one ever bothered to write them down is because they suck. God forbid, you hurt someone’s feelings with one of a million tacky rules — you’re now susceptible to being hit by a fastball the next day. No other sport deals with this garbage, and it’s time to ditch the woosie rules before our youth turns it off completely.

Brutal hire

The White Sox are winning the division, which is awesome (yet predictable), but how is 78-year-old Tony La Russa a solid hire? There’s no way this type of cowardly behavior is resonating with players in their mid-20s, so what’s the end game here? Hopefully he walks back his apology because this was whack.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. La Russia should apologize for his DUI and suspension. That DUI can kill someone not a guy swing at 3-0 pitch. They need to ban the unwritten rules and get rid of defensive shifts if they want to make baseball fun again.

  2. WTF ever happened to a little sportsmanship?? Guess you’re ok with dudes maybe missing an open layup and getting their own rebound to maybe get a triple double? Or the players not guarding the guy dribbling out the last 5 seconds up by 15 who suddenly shoots a 3 so he can try for 40 points?

    Man if being a fuckin douchebag is what you’re trying to bring into sports, you can pound sand with that shit. FOH Cry us another river with stories of how your dad was misunderstood and was trying this same shit 20 years ago. It’s called fuckin respect you rich entitled brat.

    • I agree on the sportsmanship point. I don’t think throwing sportsmanship in the garbage can is the right approach to anything. We are struggling with a lack of respect in this country already, and now we’ve got a bunch of numb nuts essentially saying we need less sportsmanship in sports because it’s not fun. Not bright. This was the equivalent of going out to take a knee in a 49-0 football game, but instead dropping back to throw a Hail Mary touchdown. That’s a clown move bro.

  3. I don’t agree Gary. I think Tony La Russa might actually know a thing or two about how to play the game if I’m not mistaken. I think he’s earned some CRED. We need to take a chill break on automatically jettisoning any unwritten rule as stupid. Wrong. Some unwritten rules are called having class, or not being a complete imbecile. Some kids are just clueless and have no self awareness about how something looks to those watching. What a surprise. If this was an actual MLB pitcher then I would have no issue with him swinging 3-0, but give me a freaking break swinging 3-0 on a position player throwing 50. That’s a joke. When the other team brings in a position player to pitch they’re unofficially conceding the game. Any thing you get after that point are garbage stats that shouldn’t count in my opinion. He should get as much credit for that home run as he does for those he hits in BP every day, Because that’s the level of skill it required. That’s not major league pitching, heck that’s not even high school pitching. The other teams dugout should’ve stood on the top step and sarcastically applauded him the whole way around the bases.

  4. “No other sport deals with this garbage, and it’s time to ditch the woosie rules before our youth turns it off completely.”

    It’s wussie, and what is ironic about this statement is that Gary(and our youth) were also probably the first ones that were crying last night when the Twins threw at Mercedes. If you don’t like the unwritten rules then fine don’t follow them. Also, if you get thrown at put the bat down and go to first base and STFU. Hitting another player with a pitch is within the framework of the game. The game penalizes the pitcher if they hit the batter by awarding first base. So go to first base and quit crying like a wussie.

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