ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla Says Tony Dungy Is Being Attacked In The Media Because ‘He Is A Man Of God’

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Last week, Pro Football Hall of Famer Tony Dungy shared a tweet about people who identify as cats. Dungy quickly apologized for the tweet, but the media still spent days attacking him.

USA Today columnist Nancy Armour wrote a column bashing Dungy, his faith, and shared her opinion as to why Jesus would have stood up for everyone in the LGBTQ community.

The fact that Dungy is an outspoken pro-life Christian who works in sports media makes him a target among the majority of his fellow media members.

Former college basketball coach and ESPN college hoops analyst Fran Fraschilla joined ‘Don’t @ Me With Dan Dakich‘ on Tuesday and shared that same opinion.

“He said something about gender identification which he apologized for quickly,” Fraschilla said. “If you don’t think Tony Dungy is a sincere human being then you don’t know people. He made a mistake, and he owned it, and he came out and apologized for it.”

“Let’s face it, the reason people attacked Tony is because he is a man of God,” Fraschilla continued. “What he said was unfortunate, he took it back, but we all know that our society right now there is a segment that if you profess your faith, you could be attacked. That’s the only reason he was attacked.”

Fraschilla went on to explain that he doesn’t think Dungy is worried about any of his critics out there, which checks out.

While he was being attacked by the woke media last week, Dungy and his wife attended the March For Life rally in Washington D.C. Not only did they attend, but they spoke on stage at the rally and talked about the power of prayer.

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