As Police Officers And Their Families Face Attacks, We Have Your Back: Tomi Lahren

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In a time when it’s cool to hate and demonize all of the nearly 1 million sworn peace officers in this country – based on the actions of a very small minority of bad apples – I want those who still hold that thin blue line with honor – and your families to know – you are supported. 

It’s time for Final Thoughts. 

It’s no secret the last few years have been especially difficult for law enforcement officers. In the wake of George Floyd, our men and women in blue have received an unprecedented level of hate and shockingly unfair coverage and treatment by those in office and in the media who have never- nor would ever- put on that badge and uniform to protect and serve. 

Are there bad apples in the police force? Absolutely. Just as there are bad doctors, bad nurses, bad teachers, bad parents and bad kids.

Unfair and supremely dangerous

But to lump the nearly 1 million sworn peace officers in with that very small batch of bad actors, is not only unfair it’s supremely dangerous. 

To those who think – or worse have been conditioned and trained to think- law enforcement officers enter that line of work to get out their pent up racism, are you that dumb and delusional. 

Our officers make – on average – roughly $60,000 per year. They work horrible hours, weekends, holidays, late nights and early mornings. They miss special moments with their friends and family so that we can be safe while we enjoy ours. 

They put their lives on the line each and every single day- never knowing what day could be the day they don’t return home to their loved ones at night. 

And while all lives are precious and certainly what happened to Tyre Nichols and others is pure tragedy, you know their names. Yet, most Americans – even ardent supporters of law enforcement – can’t name a single officer ambushed, gunned down or senselessly murdered in the line of duty. They don’t get the black squares or months of rioting on their behalf. They barely get a passing headline. 

And in these last few years they’ve been completely thrown under the bus by those who lack the courage to ever walk in their boots. 

They’ve been demonized, demoralized, defunded, degraded and undermined by their fellow Americans- most of them for zero reason or with zero cause whatsoever behind the color and badge they wear. 

Police: We have your back

So to those officers and their families who must now brace for yet another wave of attacks, degradation and demonization – please know WE THE PEOPLE still have your backs. We know that you do not stand for the actions of bad officers and we know that those bad officers only make your jobs that much more difficult and dangerous. We know you weep right alongside the families of the victims like Tyre Nichols. 

We know the sacrifices you make and the love you have for people – of all races, religions and creeds. 

Do not let the loud yet vicious and vocal minority who hate you-or think they do- distract you from your mission, your calling, your good and honorable work.

God bless the thin blue line and those who hold it and hold it honorably. 

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Written by Tomi Lahren

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