Tom Cruise Pulls Off Insane Sky-Diving Stunt To Promote Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie, Thanks Audiences For ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Success

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Tom Cruise kicks ass.

The 60-year-old movie star, who has a penchant for pulling off death-defying stunts to entertain the masses, returned to the silver screen with a new commercial that aired during NFL football on Sunday.

In the commercial, Cruise filmed himself jumping out of a plane that soared over a South African movie set to celebrate the box office juggernaut that was Top Gun: Maverick, while promoting his upcoming Mission: Impossible sequel, Mission: Impossible β€” Dead Reckoning Part One (the seventh installment in the franchise).

In the commercial, Cruise thanked viewers who attended theaters to propel Top Gun: Maverick over the billion-dollar worldwide box office mark as people feared going out to the cinema during COVID and without the help of China’s box office, which took offense to the film’s pro-American messaging.


While Marvel and Disney movies continue to bend the knee to China, Cruise remains cavalier in his approach to moviemaking and truly leaves it all out on the set.

Whether it’s against movie villains or stomping the worldwide box office during the age of COVID, Cruise is devoid of all fear that stands in the way of getting the job done. And he’s back at it again.

Maverick was a hell of a win for Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie, who is re-teaming with Cruise for the final two films scheduled in the Impossible franchise.

Simply put, no one does it like Cruise in today’s movies.

The unabashed love for a cinematic experience, often at the risk of his own health, further proves that Cruise is likely the last true American action star to grace the big screen.

From climbing the Burj Khalifa; hanging off the side of a plane; flying a real F-14 jet for Top Gun: Maverick; to now sky-diving for a film promo, Cruise is as fearless as ever.

Best of all, Top Gun: Maverick hits streaming via Paramount+ on Dec. 22. Time to fly high.

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