Tom Cotton Blasts Warriors Part-Owner For Uyghurs Comment: ‘A Communist’s Toady’

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Golden State Warriors part-owner Chamath Palihapitiya is “a Communist’s toady,” according to Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

Over the weekend, Palihapitiya confirmed that he does not care about how China treats Uyghur Muslims. In essence, Palihapitiya admits he’s good with the genocide, as long as the NBA makes money in China.

Cotton discussed Palihapitiya’s comments with Hugh Hewitt on Monday. Take a look:

“Well, it’s a shocking indifference, Hugh, to the depravity of the Chinese Communist regime and the plight of the religious and ethnic minorities known as the Uyghur people in Northwestern China, who the entire civilized world, to include the Biden administration, has acknowledged are suffering at the hands of an atrocious genocide, where women are being forcibly sterilized.

“And if they’re not being forcibly sterilized, they’re being viciously raped by Chinese Han soldiers in a kind of intergenerational ethnic cleansing. It’s not surprising, though, coming from one of these typical liberal tech billionaires who saddle up their high horse and ride it so hard when it comes to things like climate change, green energy, and equity, and the Black Lives Matter riots when at the bottom line, all that matters to them is the bottom line. And they think they can get rich off of those things, and they can with these Democrats in charge and all the tax breaks and subsidies being handed out.

“But they know that if they cross the Chinese Communist Party, it may threaten their access to the Chinese market or to cheap Chinese inputs. So I have to say what this guy spoke over the weekend is a classic Washington gaffe. He didn’t say something that was not what was in his heart. He said exactly what was in his heart, and what’s in the heart of so many of these liberal tech billionaires and their courtiers in Washington.”

Cotton concludes that Palihapitiya’s comments are not only deeply craven but deeply ignorant.

“And again, the extent of the remarks belies his weak effort to clean it up. It’s not just a one-off line in a broader interview in which on a topic about which he’s not informed,” Cotton goes on.

“He’s clearly very informed about the topic and has very well-defined views. He is a Communist’s toady who will do anything to make a buck. You know, there were people like this guy in the Cold War when it came to Soviet Communism.”

The NBA responded with a weak press release last night:

Had Palihapitiya said he doesn’t care about George Floyd, the NBA would’ve forced him to sell his team by lunchtime. But luckily, Palihapitiya only belittles Uyghurs.

Props to Sen. Tom Cotton for blasting this creep.

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. FWIW … this jackass is NOT the principal owner of The GS Warrior. He is a minority partner. likely along with a dozen or so others. That does not lessen the impact of his statements but should be noted when referring to him.
    “Make the SOB sell the team” is not an option. This is not a Donald Sterling situation… who WAS a principal owner of The Clippers who was forced to “sell the team” because of “what he said”.. This guy COULD be forced to sell his share however and no longer be involved with The NBA …

  2. FYI … you may recall that about 15 or so years ago, Rush was toying with the idea of investing as a minor partner in the (then) St.Louis Rams. Just a consideration that never went further BUT the lunatic left went FLAMING BATS*** that he would even be allowed to consider doing so.
    I ended up in a public blood feud with a local sports radio talker who was/is a hard-core lefty. Great fun as I recall …

  3. I usually like Palihapitiya’s takes, but I think he went down a road where he was trying to come off as uber honest and swung and missed. His point can be summed up as: “No one in America actually cares about the situation in China or else people would be doing something about it. Thus, no one cares.”

    The ironic thing is that the Warriors–and thus the NBA–essentially condemned his comments. So does that mean the NBA feels the opposite way and the NBA actually DOES care about what’s going on in China? The NBA’s actions say otherwise. The China/NBA deals, the backlash against Daryl Morey’s comments, LeBron’s lack of speaking up on China, etc show that the NBA is essentially acting out what Palihapitiya said: They don’t care about what is happening in China.

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