Tom Brady Sucks, And So Does His Attitude

This could be the worst retirement party ever. For years, we’ve loved Tom Brady. For decades, actually. He’s the greatest of all time. Then, he just needed to get away from that grump, Bill Belichick, and that made perfect sense to us.

And now, it turns out, Brady is kind of, well, just not all that likeable. He has gone from the GOAT to the thing that wouldn’t leave.

He can’t complete a long pass, doesn’t remember what down it is in crunchtime — Brady time? — slumps his shoulders and rolls his eyes every time something goes wrong. He’s a 43-year-old teenager wondering why everyone keeps ruining his life. And when he loses, he won’t shake his opponent’s hand, but instead just stomps off. His little-boy haircut doesn’t help things either.

Michael Jordan didn’t leave like this. Wayne Gretzky didn’t leave like this. John Elway didn’t leave like this. Tiger Woods won’t leave like this.

This Sunday, Brady has one of his last chances to salvage this thing when he faces Patrick Mahomes, the present and future of the game. That should be a great buildup, as the two most-recent Super Bowl champion quarterbacks face each other, even if Brady plays for Tampa Bay now instead of New England.

Brady needs this game. The thing is, you can’t combine a petulant personality with fading skills. It can only be one or the other, at most. If Brady still came off as a good guy, then he could get away with being a little inconsistent on the field or even falling to pieces, which he now does any time he’s under pressure.

But if this is his personality, then he’s going to have to win, win and win some more. Then the poor sportsmanship can be written off as him just being a tough competitor who gets a little carried away, a champion’s heart.

Brady is still among the top quarterbacks, but he just seems so past his time. If his legacy matters to him, he would have done himself a favor by leaving after he won the Super Bowl two years ago.

Who wants to watch him this way? It’s hard to accept this new personality. Or maybe this personality isn’t new at all. Maybe Brady was always like this, and we just didn’t notice it when he was in New England because he was standing next to Belichick.

By contrast, Brady came off great. So maybe Belichick was protecting him that way.

Brady’s new coach, Bruce Arians, doesn’t seem interested in doing that. Brady has the inconsistency and shortcomings of an aging player. And Arians keeps pointing that out.

“I think he’s getting confused a few times with coverages that might be causing some inaccurate balls,’’ Arians told reporters this week ”I don’t see it at all in practice. We’re not missing the deep ball at all in practice, that’s for sure. It’s just a matter on Sundays of hitting them.’’

In just four short sentences, Arians called Brady inaccurate, confused, a practice player and a choker.

Brady has missed 22 straight pass attempts of 20 yards or more, according to NextGenStats, the worst of any quarterback since 2017.

Does Arians need to change his offense and stop going deep downfield so much?

“We’ve got guys open. We’ve just missed them,’’ he said. “And there are times when coverage dictates you go to that guy. I think we can do a better job of utilizing the deep ball in our gameplan. . .

“But when they’re there, we need to hit them. We can’t have them going off our fingertips, and we can’t overthrow them.’’

Meanwhile, Brady lost to the Chicago Bears and quarterback Nick Foles and then didn’t shake Foles’ hand afterward. That was a game that set Brady up for one of his patented last-minute game-saving drives, but he fell apart under the pressure and the beatings of the Bears defense and then lost track of the downs.

Brady told reporters later that he just didn’t think about shaking Foles’ hand, that it was nothing personal. He said he shakes hands with some of his close friends and longtime quarterbacks but sometimes doesn’t shake the hands of others.

I read that this way: “I shake hands only with superstars at my level. Foles isn’t there.’’

Brady also didn’t shake hands with quarterback Jared Goff after losing to the Los Angeles Rams this past week. And FoxSports1’s Shannon Sharpe, a Hall of Fame player, tweeted this:

“I guess Brady doesn’t know Goff well enough to shake his hand after losing. Yet he knows every qb after he wins. Brady is full of what the elephant left on the show ground. His attitude is bulljive and hit’s time to call his A** out on it.’’

Brady did shake Goff’s hand after beating him in the Super Bowl a few years ago.

So now Brady-Mahomes. Brady can play his way back into a nice goodbye or be gracious in defeat. If he chooses neither, then he can at least try a different haircut.

Written by Greg Couch

Greg earned the 2007 Peter Lisagor Award as the best sports columnist in the Chicagoland area for his work with the Chicago Sun-Times, where he started as a college football writer in 1997 before becoming a general columnist in 2003. He also won a Lisagor in 2016 for his commentary in and The Guardian.

Couch penned articles and columns for Report, AOL Fanhouse, and The Sporting News and contributed as a writer and on-air analyst for and Fox Sports 1 TV. In his journalistic roles, Couch has covered the grandest stages of tennis from Wimbledon to the Olympics, among numerous national and international sporting spectacles. He also won first place awards from the U.S. Tennis Writers Association for his event coverage and column writing on the sport in 2010.


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  1. Not the quality I expect from Outkick… who gives a shit who tweeted what… Tom Brady had a process and yes we did see Mustache Michael Jordan at Washington… Everyone acts like he didn’t come back and much like Tom he was not perceived in the media as well liked by younger players and out of touch… Will watch Tom Brady and he has the team at 7-4 versus the Jamison shitshow every year which was way more embarrassing to watch…

  2. Could not agree more Greg. Not shaking hands afterwards is inexcusable. When Brady and the Pats won those six Superbowls, he didn’t have any problem shaking hands with his opponents.
    It’s a weak look. He’s done it way too many times now, he needs to be called out.
    Thank you. Have a good weekend.

  3. I’m a homer because I went to FSU during the EJ Manual/Jameis era but I think you’re wrong. I think Jameis would have this team at 7-4 as well. Brady is arguably a lateral move at QB. This Bucs team is better than last year’s. You have the Tristan Wirfs addition on the O-line which is huge (JW was running for his life last year). You keep the great run defense and improve a lot in pass defense with 2nd year DC Bowles (note: Bucs pass defense had been bottom of the barrel for years). You also add even more playmakers on offense (AB, Gronk, Fournette, and McCoy). Winston threw for 5k fkn yards last year. Brady has been pedestrian with an improved roster.

    IDK if you’re a Bucs fan but I’ve been watching them for 20+ years. TB has never had an explosive offensive attack in that time. The 2002 SB was won with a historically great defense with several HOF players. Winston might have been a turnover machine but at least it wasn’t par-for-the-course Bucs football with 9 3&outs in a game and 13 points on the board.

    Yes, Brady is a certified crybaby and sore loser. Belichick/Pats masked a lot of how much of a shithead Brady has been. Dude is 43 and not getting any better. At least with Winston you have a 25/26 year old player who can continue playing with a lot of room to improve. Winston is not Jamarcus Russell as much as y’all like to believe that narrative.

    • Anyone who has paid attention to Buccaneers football here is our list of QB’s over the past couple decades:

      Trent Dilfer, Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Rob Johnson, Chris Simms, Brian Griese, Bruce Gradkowski, Tim Rattay, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Byron Leftwich, Josh Johnson, Josh Freeman, Mike Glennon, Jameis Winston.

      Of those Jeff Garcia was ok and Josh Freeman had 1-2 good years before completely disappearing from the league. Winston was by far the best QB on that list and I’m not convinced 43-year old Tom Brady is better than JW.

      The Tom Brady was a win-now move and so far it doesn’t appear to be working. If not this year, is Tom Brady going to be the answer at 44? 45? Nah, son.

  4. Really? Greg? WTF?
    so Outkick is becoming twitter? i am not a Brady fan, but columns like this make me a Brady wannabe fan. i don’t see what you are seeing. at all.

    i see perhaps the greatest winner of all time in any sport being pummeled, because Arians can’t coach the offensive line to block. i’m a redskins fan, so i know all about bad pass blocking.

    Brady’s arm is LIVE. there is no way he misreads things the way Arians says. what is Arian’s resume’ ? that he is a player’s coach?

    Brady was the best deep thrower in history with Randy Moss for 3-4 years. and his gift is not dink and dunk, but hitting recievers in stride, so they can RAC (run after catch).

    in order to run Bruce Arians offense, one less blocker remains to protect brady. thats his scheme that has never worked for him ever. famous Jaimies did what Arians wanted and broke records for INT’s.

    Winston is freakin Pitcher with a LIVE arm and he (and Carson Palmer in Az) could not make Arians Chuck and Duck offense work either.

    keep working on your ESPN skillz – i pray Outkick isn’t a CON game.

  5. Damn boys, lighten up a bit. The article makes some good points and things you won’t hear from Jim Nance/Tony Bromo. I appreciate the insights.

    Arrians is a notorious “push it downfield” coach. Not ideal for a 43 year old arm. But neither was Winston the solution, that guy has the maturity of a 17 year old.

      • I push against that theory. How many seasons has BB been a HC without TB12? EIGHT. How many winning seasons? TWO??

        BB is no doubt a great football/defensive mind and a HOF head coach by the numbers – but TB12 helped cover up his abysmal offensive prowess.

        When have ARod, Big Ben, Eli, and Brees even taken a PENNY less than top market value? Do you really think BB could handle the diva attitudes of ARod or Big Ben? Put up with the human turnover machine Eli Manning? Heave and pray Phillip Rivers?

        I say maybe ONE, but NINE appearances in 18 seasons? HA

        • Time will decide, I think BB gets a stud young QB and wins a couple more SB’s proving he was the shiz.

          Watching the 2 Bills doc on ESPN it seems to me BB > Parcells and a huge reason for the Giants success. Brady and BB were right place right time, a perfect marriage.

  6. Gotta agree with half the posters on here (maybe more than half?)…you don’t come off so good here, Greg. In one sentence you’ll accuse Brady of being negative this or negative that…thej you say, “IF” this is true…”IF” this is the case…WFT…Greg…are you a professional sports writer or are you a gossip?

    A head coach has a gunslinger who throws the ball all over the field…can’t read coverages…30 interceptions and God knows how many other turnovers and goes 7-9 last year with a team that should have performed better.

    So he convinces one of the smartest QBs of all time…someone with a football IQ that could and sometimes did run the offensive meetings in New England…and a guy who even sat in on the defensive meetings to offer insights…and he comes to LOSER TOWN (sorry Tanner) with 6 SUPES throwing to mostly “B caliber” receivers his whole career, ‘cept Randy Moss when they went 16-0…and the stupid ass HC Arians can’t – or WON’T – change what got him to 7-9 last year?

    And the story is about TB12 being a crybaby??? Greg…if that’s the best ya got, hang ’em up, dude.

  7. I think Tampa would have been better off to have signed Bridgewater. He’s the most underrated QB in the NFL, completing 72% of his passes on a Carolina team that’s been without McCaffrey most of the year. Imagine if you surrounded him with the same weapons Brady has right now? He’d be in the MVP running.

    Brady literally has everything a QB could want at his disposal in Tampa and simply isn’t “doing his job“. He’s playing old.

  8. So many more stories to report about. Why is poopy face Brady still on top of the headlines? They are what? 6-4? Patriots are… Well totally irrelevant. If your GOAT beats Mahomes then Brady will be interesting again. Maybe AB will assault Brady in his own home? Drama drama drama.

  9. I’d really like all you idiots that point out Brady’s ‘losing track of the downs’ DIDN’T FUCKING MATTER ANYWAY. Who cares if he lost track? The pass he threw on 4th down was not the kind that you make when you know you have another down to go.

  10. Easy now Freddy. That’s not the point, Brady doesn’t need the spotlight anymore is the point. It’s his own fault. But no matter. He will go down in history as the greatest. He and his former coach. But there are new young and exciting people playing in the league. Should be more focus on them

  11. Agree with previous comments that this article is below what I’ve grown accustomed to from Outkick. Greg in the future I wouldn’t recommend using a Shannon Sharpe tweet to validate a point you’re trying to make. If you do put value in SS’s opinion then, here’s something you need to remember for your next summer picnic with some black friends attending. “Dear white America, any time you have black people in your presence, watermelon has a negative connotation,” he continued. “Yep,” Skip Bayless agreed….so it must be true.

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